Clearview National June 2015 - Issue 163 - Page 70

hardware& security Demand More Globally recognised for innovation when it comes to coatings thanks to its Porcel Coat™, VITA Hardware is once again upping the ante on its offering of surface guarantees. Managing Director Stewart Lamb explains more. Lockex [APR15] - DPS.pdf 1 09/04/2015 16:22:10 »»With more than three decades of global experience in hardware design and manufacture, VITA Hardware Ltd has had a respectable number of industry firsts. This is especially true when it comes to the company’s approach to innovation in durable coatings, an expertise that led to the development and launch of its Porcel™ trademark. This unique coating withstands 3000 hours of salt spray testing compared to the next best available of 480 hours. Now, thanks to VITA’s specialist in-house product development team, we can offer better than ever surface guarantees across all range of handles. In addition to the 10 years on PVD Chrome and Gold polished finishes, 5 years on Anodised Silver F1 and Anodised gold F3, we are offering an impressive 5 years on the company’s new marine grade powder coated white and black finishes. In addition, a 10 year mechanical guarantee across the range which compares favourably with many others in the industry. All Under One Roof It’s VITA’s commitment to keeping things in-house and all in one place that allows us to innovate and bring to market relevant developments that benefit customers, like these guarantees. In fact, testament to our quality and innovation commitment, we have 450 global patents. Taiwan and China production plants are wholly owned and ISO9001 certified, supplying to distribution and sales facilities in the UK and US, making for an enviable fully-integrated supply chain. Founded on our ‘All Under One Roof ’ principle, all products are designed and manufactured in-house at VITA owned facilities, so we have total control over what is developed. Because of this, we are able to reflect the ever changing needs of the market and meet increasingly stringent standards with fast and relevant product development, launch and guarantees. Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is Thanks also to substantial investment in our in-house testing facilities, including endurance test rigs, neutral salt spray testing, durability and UV testing, customers can rely on these longer product guarantees. Suppliers simply don’t take the risk of C M Y JAGUAR EXHIBITION HALL, CM MY SEPTEMBER2016 CY CMY I A NEW SHOW U RLOCKSMITHS T ’ S Y O FOR S H O W K 70 » JUN 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M putting things in black and white if they don’t believe in their product performance. Of course such certificates are great to support point of sale with homeowners as they can offer differentiation and a way to stand out from the crowd. But they have to do what they say on the tin, and over the years, call backs and product failures despite guarantees haven’t been unheard of in our industry. Another note of caution – while guarantees are all very well for adding peace of mind and helping customers differentiate; don’t forget to read the small print too. It’s all very well having a 10 year guarantee but if the supplier who offered it isn’t around by then to honour it, it’s useless. So ask whether your supplier will be around to back up their guarantee in five or ten years’ time. Check out their stability and history to get an idea of their future security. Supplying pertinent, affordable products for windows and doors that deliver on quality for the long term is key. This is exactly what VITA wants to achieve with these new guarantees and watch this space. We will continue to raise the bar. For more information on VITA or to see a copy of these new guarantees, visit www. or call 01422 371384