Clearview National June 2015 - Issue 163 - Page 64

hardware& security More than just an Aesthetic Thing! SFS has always strived to be at the forefront of innovation and the unique Dynamic 2D and 2D-F hinge are no exception. »»The Dynamic 2D and 2D-F Hinges offers a market leading range of colour choices, including Chartwell Green and Anthracite Grey, to help installers and fabricators colour match hinges with any door or window finish and meet customer needs. For added flexibility, the range offers different colours for barrel and sash plate, which enables any door and frame combination to be matched. The attachment of a bespoke sash plate to the hinge body via steel bars integrated with vertical pins make a far stronger hinge compared to a standard hinge design. In recent PAS 24 specification tests, the Dynamic 2D recorded a potentially record breaking pass result of 14.2KN, at which point the door only failed due to the hinge screws being pulled out of the frame, as opposed to the hinge actually breaking. Nigel Wood, Business Development Manager - Hinge Technology comments, “We know that the end user is constantly looking for ways to improve and add value to their homes, even down to the smallest detail like the door and hinge. Traditional white hinges are less in demand, so as an industry we need to offer more choice and variety.” The hinge meets the Police Preferred Specification requirements of Secure By Design and has a proven operational reliability of over 200,000 cycles, more than twice the industry requirement, allowing SFS intec to offer a 10 year guarantee. Moreover, this feature combined with a unique system for fine adjustment allows quick and more importantly, precise installation first time every time. This in turn, leads to a perfectly functioning door-set that will not require remedial visits, thus reducing overall fitting costs. As we know, ‘fast to fit’ may be a priority from a fabricators point of view, due to saving production time and money, but the benefit to the end user is just as paramount and a door-set that provides longevity, reliability and security, such as that which is offered by the Dynamic 2D and 2D-F hinge, combines the complete package as opposed to focusing on just one aspect. Dynamic 2D and 2DF Hinges Benefits • Superior aesthetics and performance • Fit and forget – eliminates remedial work on sagging doors and can be fitted with by one operative • System specific jigs guaranteeing accuracy • Complete security down both sides of door with maximised door opening. • Custom design sash plates for all leading profile systems Nick Monger, Purchasing Director at TruFrame, commented “We have been using the 2D hinge for all of our ‘Secure by Design’ jobs for some time as we continue to make a real impact in the marketplace.” In addition, with aesthetics being a strong part of our product 64 » JUN 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M profile and developed in order to meet the required need for a complete range of guaranteeable metallic finishes for our door hinges, SFS intec have introduced our new superior high performance Endurabrite Bright Chrome and Gold finishes in addition to another 21 solid colour offerings. ‘make real impact in the marketplace’ Endurabrite Benefits • Used to harsh environments • Guarantee-able bright metallic finishes • Superior, lustrous finish • Further extends the range of colours and finishes • Can be applied to both inward and outward opening doors • > 1000 hours salt spray with no signs of corrosion. As it is impossible to know where a door will be installed - a sea front building at Scarborough or next to a cement works - a product that can withstand harsh environments whilst still retaining its lustre finish is imperative. Endurabrite has successfully been used within the automotive industry for truck parts such as wheel bolts and other tough applications, and the unique double protection process has been proven to exceed more than 1000 hours salt spray with no signs of corrosion. For further information contact Customer Services on 0113 2085 500