Clearview National June 2015 - Issue 163 - Page 63

glass&sealedunits Award Winning Glass Structures Specialist Glass Limited has earned its reputation of being an expert structural glass supplier of flat, curved, annealed toughened and laminated double glazed solutions for all scopes of projects over the last 12 years. »»The Huddersfield based business, which still prides itself on using traditional methods of bending glass dating back to the 1800s – using moulds to bend the glass as well as automated glass processes, has seen its products be included in some prestigious constructions over recent years, including the award winning ‘Miles Staircase’ – Somerset House, London. The listed building based in the heart of London, houses major arts and cultural exhibitions and in 2014 structural designer, Techniker won ‘The Structural Award for Small Projects’, awarded by The Institution of Structural Engineers for the design and construction of the lightweight concrete and glass spiral staircase. Specialist Glass provided every glass component included in the structure, curved to fit the 8.4 metre high structure, which took on an innovative use of materials to create a dynamic and dramatic structure encompassed at the heart of the building. The company manufacturers a varying range of glass structures designed in accordance to customer’s individual requirements. Andrew Taylor, director comments: “We have been offering the manufacture of curved, flat and structural glass for the last 12 years. In that time, we have grown the business to now employ over 70 staff and supply bespoke and standard glass both in the UK and across Europe. “Part of the service we offer customers is to ensure we supply to their specific requirements; whether that be produced either in volume quantities or individual and bespoke designs. Glass bending it very specialised and we make great efforts to ensure the products we offer are manufactured from top named brands. “We offer a full