Clearview National June 2015 - Issue 163 - Page 48

doors&windows Intelligent membranes Tri-coloured choice »»Essex-based installation company, Silika Ltd, used a little expertise from Kömmerling manufacturer Climatec Windows for the replacement of a number of non-thermally broken, twotone aluminium windows in a retirement block in Chelmsford. The existing windows to the flat were replaced initially, which resulted in two further enquiries from other residents. Given the colours of the original windows and the need to make a direct replacement, the Kömmerling windows were sprayed in RAL 8014 (brown) for the outer frames and RAL 1019 (cream) for the sashes, including trickle vents, while the inside of the windows were left white at the request of the residents. Climatec Windows harnessed the C70 Gold® system from Kömmerling with their latest slim sash to make for reduced sightlines and the windows were also triple glazed, offering incredible levels of sound reduction, along with impressive energy efficiency credentials. Rod Charnick, director at Silika commented: “This was a unique project for us, given the need to colour match, offer incredible levels of energy efficiency and the need for sound reduction.” Kevin Warner, head of sales and marketing at Kömmerling commented: “This job by Silika shows that a little lateral thinking and commitment by them and Climatec, can result in a product designed to the most exacting of standards and that’s also what Kömmerling’s all about. This must be the first tri-coloured installation in browns and creams that I’ve ever seen!” »»Interfaces where windows require sealing to the building structure demand innovative, clever solutions in order to comply with more onerous Building Regulations. The need to eliminate thermal bridging and significantly reduce uncontrolled air leakage requires robust sealing solutions to meet legislation and ensure long-lasting performance. The choice of material is important in terms of vapour control and when an inner and outer layer is involved, it is essential to consider the relative vapour permeability’s to allow moisture to travel from inside to out. The internal membrane should therefore be more vapour tight than the external. An intelligent membrane can be used internally and externally to manage the vapour control factors to avoid these problems. Fixing to the window frame can be by integral self-adhesive strips, site-applied proprietary adhesive, or gasket. The latter provides a mechanical fix which is not affected by low application temperatures or damp substrates. The proprietary solvent-free hybrid adhesive also offers an advantage compared with typical solvent-based paste adhesives needed to bond EPDM membrane. The use of these products is now widely accepted and illbruck’s ME501 Duo Window Membrane HD has BBAaccreditation which proves its suitability for use in typical interface details. ME501 differs from ME500 in being stronger and suitable for external exposure to UV for up to nine months prior to being covered by insulation or rainscreen panels. There is a further advantage in selecting an intelligent membrane as the cost compared with EPDM is likely to be lower due to the latter being affected by volatile oil prices. For further information on tremco illbruck and a copy of the brochure, please visit For further information on Si lika, log on to, e-mail or call 0800 1513088 For further information on Climatec Windows, log on to www.climatec-windows. or call their sales office on 01702 613733 48 » JUN 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M illbruck’s ME501