Clearview National June 2015 - Issue 163 - Page 40

doors&windows Signed, Sealed and Delivered Retail window companies have just got a new ally in their quest to speed up the sales process and increase revenue, thanks to a game-changing feature introduced by software specialist Windowlink. »»Salespeople are now able to seal the deal on the spot when pitching windows, doors and conservatories to homeowners. The market leading design, sales and pricing software modules for installers developed by Windowlink, Focus and Vector, can now be specified with a digital signature facility. This means salespeople could virtually price up, quote and get the order signed in just one interaction with the end-consumer. To simplify things even further, the programs can email the job file, specification and signed contract directly to the customer and back to the office, to as many contacts as desired. Windowlink’s digital signature facility is helping salespeople seal the deal on the spot Windowlink managing director, Mark Dudley, explains: “The digital signature works on any touch screen device that supports the Windows operating system, such as tablets or tabletcomputers. Where these devices are not available, external signing pads can be used instead.” With Focus for windows and doors, and Vector for conservatories and orangeries, the salesperson can design products in any style, colour and configuration, while the pricing is done in real time by the system. Once the product has been agreed on, the software modules can automatically generate a professional quote and/or contract based on the exact measurements and features selected. “This is when the digital signature facility comes into play,” added Mark. “Rather than returning to the office to print and post the order form to the client, both Vector and Focus now allow for the signature to be collected digitally, using the touch screen device. This accelerates the sales process and helps installers capitalise on the homeowners’ excitement for the purchase.” Tablet devices have had a major impact on many industries, helping to streamline processes and services, and resulting in significant time and money savings. Retail window companies can now further benefit from this technology, thanks to software solutions designed to make selling to the end consumer both painless and effective. “The impact our software modules have on retail businesses is instantly rewarding. Focus and Vector are powerful tools that help installers save time and money and increase sales by creating a trusting relationship with the homeowner – the price is always visible. They also represent the natural step forward – in an era of instant gratification, having to wait for quotes and contracts when deciding to make a purchase can be frustrating and even off putting for the end-consumer. But now installers can capitalise on these modern expectations with software solutions created specifically for them.” concluded Mark. For more information visit or call 01452 348575 40 » JUN 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M