Clearview National June 2015 - Issue 163 - Page 28

INDUSTRYNEWS STREAMLINE YOUR CAMPAIGNS WITH HELP FROM THE EXPERTS »»With so many businesses now relying on Google AdWords as their primary source of new business, it is imperative that you streamline your campaigns to maximise ROI and keep budget wastage as low as possible, says Roy Dovaston of SimplePPC and Click Guardian. There are many agencies wanting to manage your campaigns on your behalf. If you choose this route, then it’s essential to do your homework because among some very talented pay per click managers there are also many companies around with very little knowledge that will happily take your money. For many businesses, adding agency fees on top of their advertising budget is not affordable so self-management is necessary. While one advantage of managing your own campaign is the advanced knowledge of your own business there is commonly a major disadvantag e in that AdWords has evolved into a highly complex advertising platform that requires expert attention to avoid common pitfalls and deliver campaigns that are finely tuned. TOP TIPS Here are some top tips that will make managing your campaigns more effective: 1. At the time of writing this article Google has been offering a free £75 advertising credit for quite some time! Of course there terms and conditions, the main one being that after applying the promotional code, the advertiser has 31 days to accrue advertising charges to the value of £25 before the promotional amount is released. For any new advertiser this is a boost that simply cannot be missed: 2. When selecting keywords it’s important to understand match types: https://support. While using broad match keywords is perfectly fine, it is, however, important to understand exactly how this type of keyword works prior to using it. If deployed incorrectly, broad match keywords have the ability of triggering your ads for completely irrelevant keywords. Spending 10 minutes to completely understand keyword match types will not only save you money but could also be the difference between a campaign’s failure or success. 28 » JUN 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M 3. Lack of conversion tracking is something from which many business’s campaigns do not suffer. In my experience of managing AdWords campaigns for many years, I have come across about 90% of business campaigns that are running without tracking. I understand the difficulties of tracking for some businesses, but it really is important to try and overcome this. Google offer a Google Forwarding Number. While it doesn’t display as a local number on your web site, when a client rings it send invaluable information back into AdWords which means being able to make better informed decisions about keywords that work and those that do not. More information here: https://support. ‘All too often advertisers completely overlook negative keywords’ 4. I have already touched on being mindful of the keyword match types you choose which leads on to the use of negative keywords. All too often advertisers completely overlook negative keywords purely on the basis that they do not know what they are! The use of negatives is imperative if your campaign if using keyword match types other than exact match. A negative keyword helps you refine your campaigns by disallowing keywords to trigger your ads that are irrelevant. For example you may offer emergency glazing in London and be using the keyword ‘emergency glazing’. You may have your targeting area defined but someone within your area searches for emergency glazing Scotland. Clearly, you do not provide services to this region but the phrase match keyword allows the ad to trigger anyway. This is a common example of where using a negative keyword will save you money! To see exactly which keywords trigger your ads and start working on your negative keywords login to your AdWords, click on the keywords tab, drop down details and choose search terms/all. Immediately you’ll get an invaluable insight and be able to react accordingly. 5. Click Fraud is a subject that pops up time and time again and for many businesses can be a real worry. Click fraud is when someone, whether it be a competitor, person or automated clicks on your ad in an attempt to exhaust your daily budget. The clicker would typically have no intention of enquiring and are purely out to waste your money. Not only does click fraud waste your budget but it skews your statistics and makes decisionmaking difficult when trying to optimise your campaigns. You would think Google would be on top of this and to a certain degree they do have systems in place to detect invalid clicks. But if you want peace of mind and want to take a proactive approach, then companies such as Click Guardian offer automated click fraud blocking systems. Essentially, you can decide how many times someone is allowed to click on your ad within a day and block them if they click excessively. Combined with their advanced detection system and real time blocking you can rest assured that your budget is not being wasted. I have managed many fenestration campaigns, and it won’t surprise you to learn that the cost per click can be very high, typically between £5 & £25 per click. Using an anti-click fraud service such as Click Guardian is highly effective at weeding out these unscrupulous visitors, saving your campaigns from becoming time-consuming, expensive disasters. SIMPLEPPC & CLICK GUARDIAN Having been managing Google Ads since the inception of AdWords, Roy runs a pay per click agency called SimplePPC whose goal is to maintain and maximise the productivity of his client’s pay per click accounts. In 2014, Roy realised a major issue was going undetected in the form of excessive clicks on his client’s ads. He then joined forces with Dan, a seasoned software and app developer, to produce Click Guardian, an anti-click fraud service that saves Google AdWords client’s from budget busting click fraudsters.