Clearview National June 2015 - Issue 163 - Page 22

INDUSTRYNEWS Three day turnround »»Just 72 hours after taking delivery of a brand new Graf Synergy machining centre, Business Micros customer, Fineline Windows was up and running cutting windows. The company had originally been given an estimate of three weeks to install and commission, but with the help of Business Micros, that estimate was totally transformed. Fineline Windows works exclusively in the new build housing market, fabricating and installing up to 400 windows per week. Previously, it had been using a manual saw but had decided to invest in an automated machine to increase the speed and accuracy of its output. Managing Director John Shaw commented: “Volumes are increasing for us and we are looking at further expansion as the new build sector continues to grow. The machining centre will give us the platform we need to sustain expansion and increase efficiency.” Fineline Windows has been a Business Micros customer since the company was set up in 2003. They installed Evolution at the end of 2014, with the support of technician James Hunt. James went back to Fineline last month with Business Micros’ Sales Manager Chris Bailey to help complete the machine links required by the new machine. John Shaw complemented Business Micros on its quick service, and added: “The machine arrived on the Tuesday and Chris and James arrived on the Thursday. By Friday afternoon, the software was talking to the machine, all the machine links were in place and we were able to start cutting PVCu. “We were amazed by how smooth the whole process was and how quickly Chris and James got the machine doing exactly what we needed.” Now that the machine is fully operational at Fineline, John continues: “The new software gives us so much scope, not just in terms of linking with the machining centre but also in terms of order processing, pricing, quoting and batching.” Chris Bailey added: “Even by our standards, this was a very quick install. It demonstrates though just how efficient and well organised we are and how much we appreciate how important it is to every customer to get their machine up and running and earning money for them as soon as possible.” Visit diary dates Plastic Recycling Expo Telford, UK 16th-17th June 2015 Guanzhou Shading Window and Door Exhibition 2015 China 8th-11th July 2015 Energy and Environment Expo Aluminium China London, UK 16th-18th June 2015 China 8th-10th July 2015 AECB Annual Conference Sheffield, UK 19th-20th June 2015 GlassBuild America USA 16th-18th September 2015 GPD Finland The Scottish Home Show Finland 24th-26th June 2015 Scotland 25th-27th September 2015 Send your diary dates to 22 » JUN 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M EcoShowcase Sheffield 10th June 2015 Leicester 7th July 2015 National Homebuilding & Renovating and Home Improvement Show Surrey 27th-28th June 2015 Excel, London 25th-27th September 2015 Vitrum 2015 Italy 6th-9th October 2015 The Tool Show 2015 Middlesex, UK 9th-11th October 2015 Edinburgh 24th-25th October 2015 Harrogate 6th-8th November 2015 Somerset 21nd-22rd November 2015 AluSolutions 2015 The Build Show Canada 21st-22nd October NEC, Birmingham, UK 27th-29th October 2015