Clearview National July 2018 - Issue 200 - Page 72

INSTALLERSUPPORT THE DOOR COMPANY WITH AN ENDURING COMMITMENT TO INSTALLERS » » THE MODERN CUSTOMER IS nothing short of demanding when it comes to attention to detail, and we all know the age-old saying “the customer is always right”. Many composite door manufacturers overlook the importance of this, failing to provide a perfect colour match across their range. Endurance, however, keeps the customer and installer in mind by offering a flawless service. » » OFFERING A SERVICE THAT PERFECT COLOUR MATCHING This standard is achieved by a modern foil lamination process, utilising intelligent CoolSkin® technology to offer a beautiful, embossed woodgrain texture that is designed to last. Revolving around the RAL colour range, Endurance is able to offer doors that have a perfectly matched panel and frame. This approach allows Endurance to offer cutting-edge standards of colour matching, ensuring it surpasses the now-dated hot stamp foil finishes. This means that all of the colours Endurance offers will last the test of time, avoiding any cracking, peeling or discolouring when exposed to bad weather and general wear and tear. With three distinct collections available, and a constantly expanding choice of colours, the Endurance colour matching process enables Preferred Installers to meet a wider variety of customer tastes. The HomeView Door Designer helps to demonstrate this further, serving as a handy tool that helps customers to create their perfect door through a step by step process. With this feature, Endurance Installers will be able to show their customers how the door will look on their home in their chosen colour. 72 » JUL 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M To help Installers further, perfect colour matching is available across a wide range of colours and shades. This includes Irish Oak, Golden Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, Rosewood, Schwarz Braun Black, Anthracite Grey, Pearl Grey, Elephant Grey, Rich Red, Chartwell Green, Racing Green, French Navy, White and Cream. GET CONNECTED The Endurance website has recently undergone a notable makeover, benefitting from the latest development and SEO techniques to offer customers a more enjoyable experience on site. Packed full of innovative lead generation features and capturing a beautifully sleek design, this new website is sure to make an impression. Not only does this new venture allow homeowners to experience the Endurance brand under a new light, it also allows Endurance to enhance their relationship with their Preferred Installer Network. With practicality and maximum impact in mind, the new site features an innovative lead management system for Endurance to utilise. This allows them to disseminate leads to their Preferred Installers via email or SMS, while Installers can log in to their appointed lead management dashboards to view the leads that they have been passed. To improve communication, Endurance Installers can also update the lead outcomes to notify Endurance of the quality of the leads that they are receiving. On top of this, Installers can also enjoy the benefits of their very own sub-site that is integrated into the main Endurance site. This means that homeowners can find their local Preferred Installer through an easy to use postcode search, whi ݥȁЁ)хȁՈͥѕ́ѡе)ѕ)́ѽ́а ɅM)]́ɥ͕́Յ䁽)ɽՍ͕́٥̸Q́QݽѠ)͕ȁхȁݥ̰)͕́مѽɥ́́)ѽȁɅ́Ȁ)啅ϊ)]ЁɅѕeԁѼѡ)ɅAɽՍЁI+qQՅ䁽ѡɽՍи%ӊe)ɔͽɔ͕ɔӊéЁ)ɥȁͥt)]Ё%́eȁ5ЁAձ)ɅAɽՍ+qQѕɅ䁑̸A)ɔȁɔɸ)̻݅t)]ձeԁI=ѡ)%х́Ѽ)ѡɅ)Aɕɕ%хȁ9ݽɬ+qe̸%Ё́ɽݥݥѠ)ፕЁɅɕЁɽՍ́)͕٥Q́́ͥѕ)ɽ́ѡѥݔٔѡѕ)ѡeٔɕͽٕ䁥Օ́ݗeٔ)t)]Ё5́Ʌ)ɕЁѼ=ѡȁ ͥє)5ՙɕ+qQ䁅ɔɕ䁙ɥ䰁ѡ䁽)ɕ䁝аѡݕͥє)ѡɭѥɔɕ䁝́)䰁ݗeɔѕȁՅ䁑ͥ́ͼ)ݽɭݥѠɅɕݽɭ)ȁ̸Qȁȁͥȁ́ɕ)́ݕݔٔѡЁ)ݕͥєt) Ʌ)Aɕɕ%хȁ́ԁѼ)䁅ѡ́ѡЁѡ)ݕͥє́ѼȰͥ)ɅɭеɽՍ̸) ɥɔѼȁͥ́)Ȁ䁽ȁ٥ͥѥ$)ܹɅ̹լ)ɔɵѥ