Clearview National July 2018 - Issue 200 - Page 54

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS Manhattan building keeps its cool » » WHEN THE DESIGNER OF 115 Delancey Street, part of the £770 million Essex Crossing development in New York City’s Lower East Side, decided to front the whole of the landmark building with a five- storey-high glazed atrium space, it was clear that advanced glazing would be needed to control the climate inside. Andy McDowell, commercial director at Pilkington United Kingdom Limited said: “When it comes to designing buildings that look open and inviting to passers-by, there is nothing better than a fully glazed exterior. However, any building in which this is the case will suffer from the risk of overheating. “In the case of 115 Delancey Street, the Pilkington Suncool™ 70/40 Pro T helps to prevent 60 percent of the heat from the sun pass through the glass. This will translate directly into energy savings for the scheme’s occupiers in the form of reduced air conditioning and ventilation bills – not to mention greater comfort for anyone inside the building.” This clarity was increased further by specifying Pilkington Optiwhite™ a true low- iron glass, which removes the distinct green tint present in all standard float glass, giving a more natural colour balance for anyone looking through the glass. ICONIC SEASI HSPTU N SUPSQ0ԓSTTTQQ[ܙH[ L Q\܈HXX[\Y\\Y[وY۸&\XۚXܘ[[ ܚ[]]Y[\؝\B[Y\X[\[YHXZ[۝X܂R[Y\X[ H N [[۝ڙX[Y[ܙH[ L[[ܜ˂HZ[[\ܚY[[H\]Y[N KXZ[[\Y\H NN X[[\Y[H][]YHو[YYX[ܚ˜[ۙH^KHX\ ]Y[\؝\H[Y\X[8&\X[X[Y\ZY8'\\B]Z]HH[YHXX[[܈\˜\KH\[[H\XY][HY[[HHHۜ\][ۂ\X]KHYYYH\H\\][ܚ[H]\]XX[YX\YQ\H^X[[\˜HYYܙYHو]X[]H]HYYY8'Bܛ[\X[YX\\Q\]YH][ۜY]H]\[Y[]\[ YYH\B\KXZ[QHX[]H][[] H\[H\YY[[ K Y\ܛZ[XKY^Y[]]Y[\؝\H[Y\X[ݙ\HڙX\[ XYYY[]\HK][YHو KLH\ۋY[Y[]\HX[YX\YB[]\HۙH]H M[B]]H[]H\KYYHX\\˘ܛ[\˘˝Z¸&THT&HTSTT‘HSS0SՐUUKSPPHSY[H\XY \\\ۙHوBR&\XY[\X[YX\\[B[KX]]X]Y\\X\[H\[YH\[H\X[HX[[[H]›X[YX\[\][ۋ[Y[]XYBۙHوY]X8&\Y\\Y\˂M0S N0PTHHHR B[Y[ NMK\\Y[YHXZ[Xܘ]]H\ˈ^KBX\\X\Y\[\\XHٙ\ۙHوHY\[X[ۜو\H\œX[H[H8$[[\˜][YYHY]X[ݘ][ۋ\Z\BZ[\X\][\X܈و\\œ\[ܛ\\XYHܛ\ ^Z[΂'\\X\&\][[\ܛX[B[\\\\[]ٙ\X\] [XY[\X[YXY[H[X\[[ B[HY]X8&\]]X][ۈXH\˜[Y\XZ[Z[]X[]H][\x&]BYۚYX[H[ܙX\YH\و[]HXKH[ܛ\\[\™[X]X[Hݙ\H^]YX\ۙ›]]X[H\ܝ]HY[[][ۜ\\B]Hو\Y[K'B\[\ۋY]XX[Y[\X܋[Y[Y8'\\\H\X^[\HقX\Y[ݘ][ێH[ۙY\[]Y[ ܈\[x&\HHX\X[YX\\قXH܈XHܙ\]Kܛ[\[KHۛH]\H[Y][Y 'B˙Y]XY˘˝Z