Clearview National July 2018 - Issue 200 - Page 50

ALUMINIUMEXTRA SELECTION SHINES ON NW LONDON SCHEME » » A SOUGHT-AFTER NW LONDON residential development, by one of the country’s biggest developers, has made an elegant and expressive use of a selection of door and window solutions from Sapa, part of the Hydro Group. Sapa is part of the Hydro Group, a world leader in aluminium solutions that also encompasses sister brands Technal and Wicona. Through its globally renowned Sapa Technology Hubs, the group is shaping a sustainable future, with innovative products that satisfy and surpass customer expectations, in line with demands of CSR and increasing environmental regulations. Barratt London’s Hendon Waterside development in Tyre Way, NW9 is already into its third phase, having created a series of apartment buildings which have proved extremely popular with home purchasers. A key element to the design of the properties, by acclaimed architectural practice Allies and Morrison, is the glazing package, offering sleek lines, robust security and excellent thermal performance. This was supplied by Essex- based Ravenworth, a leading member of Sapa’s national fabricator network. Chris Webb, a Director of Ravenworth, commented: “As part of the assistance we received from Sapa in winning Phase II of the West Hendon project, the company provided us with all the data and guidance necessary to obtain our own Secured by Design certification on the systems. On building E2, for instance we installed main entrance screens using the Elegance 52 curtain walling system. Then for the individual apartments across the 25 floors, we installed 150 Confort four-piece sliding patio doors opening onto the balconies, and 290 Dualsecure residential doors, as well as the DF Si Tilt and Turn windows.” Located adjacent to the Welsh Harp Reservoir, Hendon Waterside has earned the prestigious Built for Life commendation, a government-endorsed accolade for well- designed homes and a recognised industry seal of approval. It will eventually extend to 2,000 residential properties including one, two and three-bedroom homes. Hendrik Heyns, a Partner at Allies and Morrison Architects stated: “Architecture that integrates seamlessly with the surrounding context of the Welsh Harp and abundant parkland will create a highly enjoyable place to live, allowing you to make use of these enviable natural assets. Furthermore, the geography and ecology of West Hendon make it an ideal site for a new residential community.” NEW ALI VU MULTI FRAME LAUNCHED » » SENIOR ARCHITECTURAL SYSTEMS has extended its product offering for the domestic residential market by adding the new Ali VU Multi Frame option to its range of high performance aluminium windows and doors. With the new Ali VU Multi Frame, trade customers can enjoy even greater flexibility by being able to choose from a wide range of internally or externally beaded configurations, opening new opportunities for the use of fixed light and vents in the same window. Designed with the trade fabricator in mind, the new Multi Frame option requires no new or additional tooling and can be fabricated using the same crimping knives and blocks as the Ali VU standard outer frame options. Also offering the potential to speed up fabrication and help reduce costs, Senior’s new Ali VU Multi Frame doesn’t require any add-on profiles to convert external beaded profiles to internal and vice versa. Combining design flexibility with responsive customer service, the new Ali VU Multi Frame can be ordered in the full range of RAL colours thanks to Senior’s state of the art in-house powder coating facility. For even faster delivery, 50 » JUL 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M the new Ali VU Multi Frame is available in pre- powder coated single and dual colour anthracite grey and hipca white, with guaranteed deliveries from stock within 3-5 days across the full suite of Senior’s slim line Ali VU windows and Ali FOLD bi-folding and patio doors. Senior Architectural Systems’ sales director James Keeling-Heane commented: “The development of our domestic product range has been driven by our desire to give the trade customers what they want, when they want it. Our aim is for our products to be perform as well as they look, to be easy to fabricate and install and to be supported by sort lead times and reliable deliveries. “Following the launch of our Ali VU windows earlier this years and the growing popularity to our Ali FOLD door range, we have had some really great feedback from the trade and more i \ܝ[K[ܙH]\Y\Z[ۂ\ܚ]\ˈHX^HH]\ۛۂ܈\[Y\X[X܈۝X]\x&\˜HY[]HXH܈[[Z[][H[HY\X›X\][x&\H[Z]Y][\YB]ܚHX^HYYZH[Y[YHو\Hܝ[]Y\˸'B˜[[ܘ\]X\[ ˝Z\ٛܘ[