Clearview National July 2018 - Issue 200 - Page 44

ALUMINIUMEXTRA TOP OF THE RANGE BIFOLD DOORS AT MID-RANGE PRICES SUNFLEX UK has announced the launch of the game-changing new SF55e aluminium bifold door. The slim framed system is exclusively manufactured in Germany and has been designed to specifically to target the mid-range price point in the UK. » » PACKED FULL OF UNIQUE features that won’t be found on any other manufacturers’ products, the SF55e provides a high quality alternative for installers seeking to target more discerning customers. For more than 30 years SUNFLEX has designed and handmade some of the most advanced glazing systems on the market and that experience and knowledge has gone into creating the SF55e; constructed with narrow 115mm sightlines and ultra-slim 55mm frame depths. Like the rest of the SUNFLEX bifold door range, the SF55e carries a BSI Kitemark™ (making it the only German-made folding doors with the prestigious certification), along with complying to PAS 24 testing and holding a Secured by Design Award. The doors offer advanced security as standard with double- rebated side jambs, 6-pin key lock on the lead door and hidden metal shoot bolts. Will Mitchell, SUNFLEX UK Trade Account Manager, was quick to praise the design of the SF55e saying, “What has become clear over the last two or three years is that there has been a gap in the market for slim- line German-manufactured bifold doors at a price point that more customers can afford, and we’ve worked hard with our colleagues in Germany to develop the SF55e to meet this need. We made the doors available to our existing customers at the end of last year and the reaction has been incredible.” 44 » JUL 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M The innovation of the doors is provided by a number of key USPs that truly set the SF55e apart from its technically inferior competition. These features include: • exclusive SUNFLEX panel catch and stacking clip technology that hold the doors in place when opened, ensuring correct operation and helps prevent service calls • a unique part-vent position that the allows the ѕɵє́ѡ)́Ѽеȁٕѥѥ)ݡЁѡ́ɕ͕ɕ+$ѱ̰ձɄ͵ѠɅѥѡ)Ѽمѥٔչ+$əɵձɄͱȴ)͡A4Չȁͭ+$ͱɅݥѡ̀յͥѱ̤)ݡ܁ȁɝȁ́+$ɽ܀յɅѡ́ݡ)ѡ́ɔѠѕȁݕ(ɕՍѕɴɕ͕́)չȤͥ)Ѡݡх+$TمՕ́ɽЀĸ\ ,ݡ)ɥ镐)Q́ɔمɝͥ)Ѽĸɴݥʹݥ)ɅɅѥ́ɽȵ́Ѽ(ȵ̸͕́Q́ͼٔѡ)ѡɕɅѥ́Ց)аݕѡȁɅѕܵѡɕ͡Ʌ)ݥѠѵх)Uѡȃaɵd́ѡɭ)ѡMU91`Ʌ́ե)ͥɥѕɵ䁅)Սѡѕ́əЁȁх͕́)ѼՅɽՍЁѼѡȁѥ)Ʌeԁͼͅѡݱ)ѡЁ͔MU91`ݽɭ́ݥѠ)ɕձ͕ѕյȁѹ́ɽ)ѡU,ѡɔݥЁȁȁٔѡ)́ȁȵѕѥݥѠ)԰ͥѡͅѕ+q́ԁݽձЁɽɕմ)ɽՍаѡɔ́ɕͥٔ)مȁх́Ցɭѥ)Ёȁх͡ɽ̰ݥѠ)ɽՍЁѕɅɔ]ٔͼٕ)ݸم=Eսє=ɑɥ)MѕѡЁ́ɽٕɕձ)ݥѠȁѥѽ̳t])Q́ɔمٔхɐ)̃LѡɅєɕ䀡I0ؤQɅ)]єI0ؤɕյմI0(ܤ]єյմI0ؤ)͕MٕȰݥѠѡѥȁѡձ)I0 ͥɅձȁѕɕ)́́͡ȁ履͠х́ѕ)и)%ѥѼѡMՔѡMU91`)U,ɅͼՑ́ѡM԰ѡձɄ)ѡɵ䁕ЁMԁյմ)Ȱѡɽ܁ɅMՌѥȁ)յմѡMYд)͕յմͱȁѕݥѠ)ͱͥѱ̰ݥѠ፱ͥٔ)Ʌͱɸ̰Յ)յմݥ̰ѽͥ)镐ɽɽՍ̸)ܹչլլ