Clearview National July 2018 - Issue 200 - Page 43

Learning from the past, building for the future CEO of CAB Aluminium, Justin Ratcliffe begins July’s ‘Aluminium Extra’ with a report on a busy Q2 for the association. With confidence in future sales growth for the material still strong despite rising costs, CAB delivered a key conference on Fire and Flanking Acoustics at the Jaguar Experience Centre, Castle Bromwich in mid May, here are the highlights… » » THE LATEST Q1, 2018 CAB STATE OF the Market Survey highlighted that confidence in the future remained in terms of expected sales volumes increasing for the next quarter, 80% net balance (47% in Q4) and the next 12 months, 79% net balance (same as Q4). This was despite the weather-related disruption and ongoing economic and political uncertainties relating to Brexit. Volumes Expected Sales Volumes Construction growth over the past year has 100 been driven by private housing, infrastructure 90 80 79 and RM&I, 50 which has benefitted most 80 70 product manufacturers. 43% of CAB 60 27 members reported significant rises in sales 50 42 37 40 (rises of over 5%), compared to a year earlier 30 and 29% reported that sales had increased 20 by 10 up to 5% over the -5 same period. -15 0 Quarterly Annual Quarterly Annual Demand was again reported as the key constraint on sales growth over the next year. 80% of members s - Quarter-on-Quarter Sales Volumes - Year-on-Year reported that demand was likely er 5% Down by over 5% 14 to be 20 the key constraint compared to 63% in Q4. The other an 5% Down by not more than 5% 7 7 constraints, both under 10% net hange No change 20 7 balance were labour availability an 5 PW'B&RFRP#B&r#pFW&&6W2rP6V@F@FW&PvW&PW"RPW'fW"RP#pC067G&G2#3CSc#3CSc&'Fbf&2v7BV'FW"v&'Fbf&2v7BV"vFVvFRV5fF&FRfVF"rRfV''V'g&2RV'B&VV@&6RCRB#rR`67G0VB67G0&fRFR&bVvN( 2"RF&vWBWV7FV@V&W'2&W'FVBFBfW7FVB67B7&V6W2vW&P&W'FVB'cRb7W7FW"&W6V&6B&W'Gv2vW V&W'2&6R6&V@FRPFV"V&ƖW"FR&6Rf"R'W6W70sccpscBrVBV&W'>( 67B&W77W&W0cRv2S2V&ǒFV&RFBbFR&WfW0cvW&RWV7FVBF6FVRfW"FRWBSV"32RvR&GV7B&fVV@CV'FW"crRBFRWBV"RFP&VVBfW'vBs2RFR6R2FP3#WG&fW'2b67BfFvW&RvvW0&WfW2V"FR&6Rf""dBBS2PB6&W2rRWB&6RfvVB'f"FRWB"F2v26ƖvFǒvW"FV'FW&ǐV'FW&ǐV&rFW&2VBgVV67G2RBcPFR&WfW0V"cR&W7V7FfVǒखFRV"F66G&VV@d$RBd䴔pWBFR6V6f"V֖V'VFrBFR7FFRbG&FR7W'fW7Vff6VB#RbV&W'2&W'FVBFBFW4U5D524dU$T4RV֖V'VF~( 02@F&WGvVV7W'BFRPFW&W7G0FR66G&6FV7GW&V֖VЦGW7G''V6W&vrFR7&V6rW6R`B4"W&FV@BbgV45DP%$t4G2&6FV7GW&RBFR67G'V7FGW7G'2vRV&W'2bFR6V6f"V֖V'VFr&RffVB7FvW2`fW FP7@ F2Fv&vǐ֖@6pFR7FFV4 W6BFW6vb77FV2f'&6Fb&GV7G2f6r&GV7Fb766FVB&GV7G2Bf6FRV֖VФf"&P7B4"CS2g&У#S#RB"F>( FR'VFr6fW&V6RBwV"WW&V6RWFƗ6FF6FV@FgWGW&P&RP67FRFP'&v6VFFVBf:vFRFRbG&FR7W'fW66G&fFW2খ6vBFv07W'&V@BWV7FV@GW7G'G&VG27W'fWWFƗ6W0&6R( FPb&W7FVG0G2BFVFgG&VG26FfP&6RbF&W7FVG0V2FBFRW&6VFvPf&2&W'Fp&6R2f&P&R@Ff涖pFR&'F`"vW 66&Fp#RbV&W'22`&FV7Fv7@#7FFRbG&FR7W'fW4 554 4 5BFV6ƖR&fFr7V'bFRGW7G'fW&4 57VW'2BFR4"6fW&V6R( FPf:vFR2&FV7Fv7Bf&R@f涖r6W7F7>( BwV"WW&V6R67FR'&v6b#6W7F7>( V&ǒFVVvFW2Ɨ7FVV@GFVFfVǒF6W&W2bVvB&W6VFF2FRf'7B6W76v2f7W6VBf&R6fWG@W&ǖf'&W"f&R&FV7FvW"vFw&VFW"6W7FW"f&Rb&W67VR6W'f6R6W@FR66VRvF2WFRFG&W73( WFW&f&R7&VN( W&ǖ7G&W76VBFRVVBf Ɨ7F2fWrbf&R6fWGBW7G&FV@F&Vv66R7GVFW2FBf&RFrFRWfVBb66FVB27V&V7BF琧f&&W2FBVVBF&R66FW&VB2Ff@6W"f&R6fWGVvVW&rvW"@FW&Ff&R67VFG2vVBF7G&W72vRW7BV&g&7F'BV7W&PFBvR&6RFRvVFvRWfV2F&VvW@FRGW7G''F7V&ǒvVB6W2Ff&P6fWGFR&V֖FW'2vW&RFVǒ6֖rFPF&Vf&RFRV&Ɩ6Fb( 'VFr6fW gWGW&^( FRf&W'BbFRFWVFV@&WfWrb'VFr&VwVF2Bf&P6fWGf"gW'FW"FWF2bF2V.( 07FfFW2"f"rF4"V6P6F7BFRff6RCS2#S"VW766FV2"&rV2R%bRrR2 +R# +C0