Clearview National July 2018 - Issue 200 - Page 4

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS FROMTHEEDITOR Forecast for summer is grey… Progress during tough times But it’s not as bad as you think. John Agnew, GGF President, reflects on the last 24 months at the Federation… » » LOOKING AT SOME OF THE PRODUCT updates in this month’s Clearview, you may be forgiven for thinking we’ve switched to black and white printing, but with the trend for grey doors, windows, soffit, and fascia showing no signs of slowing down, as so the response from suppliers and manufacturers has had to match demand. So, while we are currently enjoying a heatwave in many parts of the UK (or we were as I sat down to write this letter), there is set to be a grey outlook for us all too, from a design point of view, at least. Following on from the classic white, then woodgrain options, grey has certainly taken the fenestration industry by storm, I wonder what it will be next? Responding to market trends in this way, is just one of the methods that fenestration businesses are coming up with to not just meet end-users’ expectations but also to match the needs that their own customers demand and deserve. When looking through the pages of this month’s Clearview I was very impressed at all the different ways that suppliers, fabricators, and installers, are all offered support throughout the supply chain to make sure there are no weak links. And, while many cite the market as being relatively ‘flat’ at the moment, it is encouraging and inspiring to see that this hasn’t been met with a defeatist attitude but rather one that is creative and challenging. From marketing support, to factory and showroom expansion, improvement of online materials, to significant investment into design and development, and exciting events and exhibitions taking place across the industry, this ‘don’t give up’ mentality is one to be admired. Conversely, I was saddened to read about the exploitation of labour workers and risk to human rights that is particularly prevalent in the construction industry, and I would urge readers to pay attention to the national campaign by the GLAA and NCA; taking heed of the advice of how we can all help eradicate modern slavery once and for all. Finally, at Clearview we like to celebrate the achievements in our industry especially when it comes to trade anniversaries, new partnerships, and business milestones. But there is also an extra special ‘Happy Birthday’ we’d like to wish this month, and that’s to us. July 2018 marks the 200th issue of Clearview magazine so we’d like to thank all our readers for their continued support, and I’d personally like to thank all the team for their hard work every month. Gemma, Editor 4 » JUL 2018 » CL EARVI E W- U K . C O M » » IN THE LAST TWO YEARS the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has received wide coverage in the trade media for many successes as well as for some high- profile departures. Since 2016, the GGF Board on behal bbG2V&W'22FWf6V@rFW&7G&FVv2F02r&VrVVFV@FV7W&RFRttb&V22FPVFrG&FR&GFRv70BvrGW7G'FVƗfW&pvVƗG6W'f6W2B&VVfG0f"G2V&W'22vF6vf6@7G'V7GW&6vR&v6FB2WfF&RF@7FfbvBVfRGW&rFPG&6FB2Vf'GVFRF@6RW'6VFV6FVBFVfRB6F6FrFB6PFVG2fV( Bv&V@WBFRvFRttb&&B@FǒWV7FVBvWfW"B0&V77W&rFB7BbFRWrFW&ttb7Ffb&VvFFRfVFW&FBG2w&Wb6W&66W2@&R667FVFǒFVƗfW&rFP&VVfG2B6W'f6RW"V&W'0B7W7FW'2FW6W'fRg&6RV'FW'27&F66Ц2&VVWfVVBBFRtt`&&BFVvBW7B&PV66VBFBttb&&@V&W'2fR&VVVV7FVB'FPttbV&W'2FRFV660f"FR&VVfBbFR'&Btt`V&W'6FRttb&&@6F2&RVBfVF'&W2B&&BV&W'2&PVV7FVBg&'G2bFPV&W'6BFR7Wǐ67V'7FF&w&W722&VVFRFR7BGvV'2@FFvR&R7F'FrF6VRFP&VVfG2vF&V6&BV&W'2`6W2rB7FpvFFRfVFW&F6FVW0FWfVVBbFV66wVF6RBV&Ɩ6F2WrƖRFf&2@V&V6VFVFVBvWfV0b'&Bv&VW72G&FR67VW"BFR7G&VЦVFFW&R2FV'BvFW FVFVBFVF6FVB7FfbBW V&W'2vRv6FVPFR&w&W72g&G0fW"FR6֖rF2@V'22vR6VRW"7G&FVv02f"&fVB6W'f6W2@w&VFW"V&W"VvvVVBgVǐ&VƗ6VBFRttbBG27V'6F'6W2&R&wV&ǒFV 7G&vW7BWfW"6F2@6V7FfVǒvRv'VBF0vrf'v&Bf"FR&VVf@bFRfVFW&FG2V&W'0B6V7FVBFFRtt`w&Wwwrvvb&rV