Clearview National July 2018 - Issue 200 - Page 30

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS SmartSecure Showcased by Grabex Windows » » GRABEX WINDOWS FEATURED THE FUHR 881 fully motorised multipoint door lock, supplied by Carl F Groupco, on its stand at the 2018 Grand Designs Live London event. Considerable interest was shown in the innovative lock that was displayed with Carl F Groupco’s SmartSecure fingerprint and remote key fob access control options on Grabex’s timber door. Clare Crockett, Marketing Manager for Carl F Groupco said: “Grand Designs Live is a prime location to showcase the FUHR lock and the capabilities of our SmartSecure electronic locking and access control brand: we were delighted that our technology was selected by Grabex to be incorporated into its stand design.” Carl F Groupco’s range of SmartSecure access control options allow the user to electronically unlock the door. The FUHR mulitronic 881 is at the heart of the solution - when the door is closed, all locking points, including the deadbolt, lock automatically driven by a dual motor to engage and secure within three seconds of closing. The FUHR 881 integrates with all SmartSecure access control options including the fingerprint and remote key fob access displayed by Grabex at Grand Designs. FOUR NEW WOODGRAIN FINISHES FOR FREEFOAM » » FREEFOAM BUILDING PRODUCTS is delighted to announce the addition of four beautiful woodgrain finishes to its Wide 605mm Soffit Range. The wide General- Purpose Board is becoming a popular choice on many contemporary house styles and has been added to the range as part of Freefoam’s continuing support of our customers servicing the housebuilder. The Freefoam woodgrain range - available in a choice of Rosewood, Light Oak, Black Ash and Anthracite Grey - is manufactured to last using marketing leading Renolit Exofol MX foil that features Solar Shield Technology, a technology to provide built in UV protection, to reduce heat absorption, temperature build up and expansion. House builders are increasingly using colour to bring style and definition to developments and utilising colour elements as a cost-effective way to add a contemporary feel to house and apartment developments. Colin St John, UK General Manager, summarised: “We have established ourselves as leaders in the manufacture of colour PVC roofline so monitor the marketplace to ensure our product range is meeting new trends and demands. Research and customer feedback has led us to add this wide soffit in woodgrain colours which will ensure that our range gives housebuilders and domestic installers the products they need to meet this growing demand.” YOUR FAVOURITE FINISHES, EVEN FASTER » » LEADING VEKA TRADE FABRICATOR Modplan has just announced more colours from its Variations range will now be available from stock. As from June, Modplan now stocks an additional three perennial favourite finishes - Anthracite Grey on White, Anthracite Grey on Grey and Chartwell Green on White. This is in addition to the Rosewood, Golden Oak, Grey, Black, Irish Oak and on white options. Heidi Sachs, X[Y[\X܈ق[[ZY8'H[ܙX\H܈\YXYۜو[ۈ\H\H[[X[Hۜ[Y\[Œ0S N0PTHHHR B\ۘ[\HZ\Y\\\[Y[[ܙH\[ۜZ[\]Z\Y \YH]Y\[\\[]H\\Y\Y][ۘ[ܝ[]Y\[B\\\]HۙY[HوH]ZX\\[ 'B[Y][ۈHY\X][ۜ\[K[[[\HYX]Yۋ\]BZ[[ ZYH^Z[Έ8'][\ۂYX]YZ[[YX[H]H\Y\\[[Y\ۈ\Z[Y\YXˈYYXH\\Y\[\]\\XYH\H[ܙBX\XH[[Y[HY[YHZ\۝X[ܙHX\[K'B˛[[˝Z