Clearview National July 2018 - Issue 200 - Page 28

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS A ‘smart’ partnership » » COMPOSITE DOOR manufacturer Doorsmart Ltd added Distinction’s nxt-gen door to its portfolio last year and Director Craig Broadley says it’s made business much easier; “The door is far easier to manufacture and has less wastage but for us the stand out innovation is the flush- fitted beading. It has reduced our stockholding because all the doors come with a pre-fit internal bead and therefore there is no need for cassettes. It’s helped us with order processing too because there are fewer component parts to order and hold in stock. It’s design technology at its best and has made a big difference to our business.” Doorsmart has been a Distinction customer for 12 years and manufactures the Distinction Doors’ Signature range as well as nxt-gen. Craig is clear why his 䁍͕)ѥѥ́ѡȁͥєѹ胊q])ѹȁݥѠѥѥ͔́)ѡ䁽ȁѡЁͱ́ѡɭ)ѽ今t)͵Ё́ո)͕]ٕɡѽ́ѽ)ѡɽ՝Ёѡ5́́ݕ́1)ѡչѥ̸%Ё́)Յ䁵ՙɥ͕ЁݥѠа)ͽ͕٥Ѽٕȁፕѥ)ѽȁɥͽѡѡЁ)ЁѼɽ܁ѕ啅ȁ啅ȸ)M!%9%9 UP%9MQ11Q%=8+ Q!I% 01U5$)Ʌ́ݥ܁ѕɽ)ȁ́ѡ)չ݅Ս͕́ѡL)܁́ՍͽȰѡɕɽд)ɥ1յȁ́ոѼ)͔́ՍѥȰٕѕ)́ЁхѥՉ)͕!ٕЁɝ݅́ѡ)ЁѼЁѡ܁ѕ)ѕݽѡȁɑ)ѡɕѠаݥѠѡɐ)ͥͽѕȁɔ)ݹ́ɕ͡ݥ)ѕɕи)1յȁ݅́ͥݥѠ)ɕɽЁLݥѠ)ͱȰѕəɅѠ)ᵴՉ饹Lа)́!ٕЁݹȁ)ͽAѕ)ѡЁ́䁽ݼ)ȁ́ѡѕ́)ɕх+qQѕ́ɕ䁵Ս)ѡͅݡѡeɔх)Ёѡɥɕٕ́)Ʌѕمх1յٕ)́ͽѡ͔)ȁ1յȁ́́ȁѡ)ͅɥݕAY T)ѡɥ1յ%Ёͼ)ٕ́́ͽѡݔݽɬ)ݸѼݡɔݔٔսѕ)ȁѡɥ1յ)ɍܵե)эѡЁٕ́مՅt)ALЁ9AIPDAAI=Y0+ !]0QII5Od)Ʌ饹́Iͥ)]܁́ͅѡɽ՝)ALЁѕѥѼٔAЁDɽم) ́ѡѠѕȁ٥)͕ɥ́ѽɅѕ͕́չȁ L8(ԀāݕѡȁѕѥɅ!݅ͽ)ɕѽȰ!]0ͅ胊q]ٔɕ)ɕ͔ɽх́ѼɅH)䁉͔Ё́ѡͥ)хѥ́ѡ䁍䵥)%WéɽѡȁՅȸ]ѠAL)ɽمЁݕ́ѕȁፕѥͥѥٔ)ݕѡȁѕЁɕձ̰ѡɝյЁȁ她)Hո镐́ͽѕ䁍t( )U0 0IY$\U, <4) Սѕѹ͡ݥѠѡ)Iͥ ѥѡ!]0ݥ)݅́Ёѡɽ՝́́չȁAL)䁥Ёѕѥ͔لQ)ɕɹ͕ɥ́ȁ͕́չȁAL)ѕЁɕեɕ́ȁ)ՅѕٕѥѕѥQ L8(Ԁā]ѡȁQЁɕձ̰ل)ٔ!]3éH䁹́ݥ)ɔ ѕ䁽 ̀)ȁAɵIѥ쁄 ̀(]ѕȁQѹ́Iѥ쁅ѽ ) ЀɕͥхѼݥ)ܹݱݥ̹լ