Clearview National July 2018 - Issue 200 - Page 26

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS 46 Cumbernauld council houses ready for tenants » » TWO NEW COUNCIL HOUSING developments in Cumbernauld have been completed to provide 46 new homes. Nursery Court offers 16 one and two-bedroom cottage flats, and 30 new homes have been built on Cardowan Drive. The windows and doors for the new homes were manufactured and installed by Walker Profiles, a leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of high-quality windows and doors. “Windows and doors are key to delivering extra security and energy efficiency for tenants,” says Jim Gibson, Director at Walker Profiles. “All windows and doors were manufactured and fitted to the higher Secured by Design specification, the police initiative to design out crime. “Our teams installed white Rehau Total 70 tilt and turn PVCu windows which give modern styling as well as easy access for cleaning. We complemented the windows with white GRP composite doors to create an impressive entrance for tenants.” As well as installing windows and doors in the new properties, Walker Profiles has a long- standing relationship with North Lanarkshire Council with an on-going maintenance contract with the council that covers more than 30,000 houses. REINVENTING CLEAN » » BOHLE HAS LAUNCHED A revolutionary new cleaner which shifts stubborn dirt, paint and grime from a wide variety of surfaces, without damaging them. XtraClean is a completely new cleaning formula, which cuts through grime without using chemical additives, acids or bleaching agents.Instead it uses a specially developed combination of ultra-fine microparticles, essential oils and surfactants which combine to create a mechanical effect, which loosens dirt without scrubbing. This means that it’s suitable for removing deposits of building dirt and rust from a wide variety of materials inclu [\Z[\œY[ \[ZX[H[[\\\X\˂']8&\H]H[[ۈܞK[x&]H[[Y[[ܜ[x&]HۙH]^HB]K[H\Y\]HYB[[[HYHX[]H\\\\ۛB\\YH[][[\ܜ܈['K^\]BۋX[Y[\X܋K[H\HܛKPX[\X\H\H\[H[\ٝ܈ۙH[[K]ܚY]]\\\]Z\Y\[[ۈH][ق۝[Z[][ۋ\[[ۈBX]H]8&\[\[[Y[[ݙHܘY]HH[܂][ۘܙ]H܈[ܝ\\\™H\]][XY[] ˘KYܛ\ K[Y؂'H[[XHYB\\XH[\[x'B0RS”\[\\^[YH[Z][BܙY[X[و]X[[\Tœ\[H]HY][ۈوH]™ܙ^HX]KH]X]K[\Y[[[X]H[X][ ]\H[[]H\\BX][Y Y[[\ۈB[YHوH[YH8$\X[H[\]H܈\ۂ[\]8&\[[[B[\[\[\ˈBX[][ۈوHܙ^Hۈܙ^B\X\[K[ۙYHܘY[Y[Y\[[YX[[[]H\^\HXY[Z\Y\\]H[Z][H[وHYB[\ݙ[Y[X\] ']][X][\ H]X]HYB0S N0PTHHHR B[[X]\[XYHBYKY\\XH[Y [X\[[\[K8'H[Y[\ܙX]^ [\\X܈]Z•[\[\˂'Y\^\H[B[[Z[][HX[ۈ\\]YHHY[ۙ\&\Y] \\Y\[YX][BXܙX]HH[Z][K۝[\ܘ\HY\]X\[B[[]H\\ ]8&\\و\[Z]Y[\HR&\XY[œ[Z][HXX]܈ݚYB[H[\ܝ\\Y\YY]H[\[KX\]]]HX\] 'B˙Z[˘