Clearview National July 2018 - Issue 200 - Page 20

DIRECTOROFTHEMONTH Keep it in the family July’s Director of the Month, Sunil Patel, of Unique Windows Systems talks about going into business with his brother, online networking, and why his father will always be his main role model… 1. Name/job title Sunil Patel, Joint Managing Director 2. When did you join (or start) the company? I established Unique Window Systems with my brother Atul in April 2005. 3. Describe your working day I generally arrive in the office around 8:00 – 8:15am. In between meetings, I will visit the Commercial and Trade offices and often the Accounts office for various duties. Some days I am scheduled to visit clients and suppliers and the timings vary dramatically on such days. I generally get back home around 5:00pm. 4.What is your workspace like? Didn’t someone once say a cluttered desk could be a sign of a genius? I like to think that I manage organised chaos reasonably well… 5. First thing you do when you get to your desk? Usually I’ll read and action email attachments that I’ve received since I was last working at my desk as I don’t like reading attachments on my Android; fat fingers coupled with dodgy eye sight doesn’t help! 6. What websites help you? I have found LinkedIn as an incredibly useful professional networking tool, from keeping up to date with colleagues, to finding new opportunities for business. Also, my Fitbit dashboard so at least I know ‘good or bad’ how healthy I’m being. 20 » JUL 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M ‘Didn’t someone once say a cluttered desk could be a sign of a genius?’ 7. Most useful business tool? Microsoft Office, where would we be without Excel? 8. Best business decision in your current role? I took the decision for Unique Window Systems to operate in varying market segments which has helped to broaden the company’s exposure and also helped to manage the cash flow better. 9. Favourite role models and why? My father; he taught me all my life skills that I apply in my professional life too. 10. How do you unwind? I love travelling, and enjoy fine wine and whisky. » » UNIQUE WINDOW SYSTEMS is a well-established designer, fabricator and installer of PVCu and aluminium fenestration building products based in Leicester. Its versatile and extensive portfolio encompasses a full range of products for all types of new-build, home improvement and refurbishment projects, which are designed to suit all customer requirements. From contemporary bi-fold doors, residential entrance and French doors, to casement, tilt and turn and vertical sliding sash windows, all Unique Window Systems products are fabricated to the highest standards at the Leicester-based production facility. Furthermore, the company manufactures its own bi-folding door system – Unifold – as well as a cutting- edge curtain walling system – Tufacade. Unique Window Systems places an impetus on continued investment in the very best machinery; optimising efficiency and reliability; helping to maintain competitive pricing policy and enhancing a long-built reputation for product quality and accurate delivery schedules. This has been combined ݥѠ)ѥѽ䁉Ѽ)᥵͔ɽՍѥյմ)ѕ̰́ݕ́ѡمѥٔ)]ɵ ɔɅ)UՔ]܁Mѕ́́)ѡȁɕ͕Յ)ͅ䁅͕ɥхɑ̰Ց)ЁЁѕѼɝ䁕)х䰁Mɕͥ)ͥ䁩ЁɕЁ͕٥)%ѥѼѡ̰ѡ)ٕ́Ʌ́啕́ѽ)ݥѠѡͭѕЁUՔ)ѼͥЁѽ́ݥѠՕɥ)ѡ䁵䁡ٔɽѕՕ)ѼɅѥͥɥ)ɥ䁥͔ѕɽ٥)хɕͥͥ́ɭѥ)аͼх́ɕЁɕ)ѡ䁅ɔɕ٥ѡѽȁ͕٥)ѡ䁕Ё͕ٔ