Clearview National July 2018 - Issue 200 - Page 16

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Blind Date: 20 years of Morley Glass & Glazing In 1998, Morley Glass & Glazing ‘set up shop’ in West Yorkshire in a 500 sq ft premises with four members of staff. Today, the business is housed in a 53,000 sq ft unit just off the M62 with a team of over 70 (including three of the original four). » » TO CELEBRATE ITS 20-YEAR anniversary, MD Ian Short invited Clearview to look back on the last two decades and the ‘ups and downs’ on how a small business in Leeds has become the UK’s leading manufacturer of integral blinds within specialist glazing (at over 80% of the market share)… Morley Glass & Glazing is best known within the industry for its core product; Uni- blinds. For a homeowner, the integral blind is a high end residential product that provides a chic, sleek solution to keeping the light (and heat) out of their homes; especially with the bi-fold door and curtain wall extension trend going off the charts in recent years. From Ian’s own anecdotes of fittings going into homes that see the Henley Royal Regatta race past the bottom of their garden and have photographs of princes and princesses on their mantelpiece, you could be forgiven for thinking the integral blind market is somewhat ‘niche’. Yet, on the other end of the scale, in the commercial sector, integral blinds are well, integral, to mental health facilities’ design and decor, with a recent project in Belfast requiring £850,000 worth. While the evidence is clear that integral blinds offer a straightforward – and stylish – solution to markets that are at polar opposite ends of the spectrum, it would seem that the product sells itself, this however was not always the case as Ian was keen to point out. In fact, when Morley Glass & Glazing began selling Pellini Industries’ Screenline integral blinds in 2004 (branded as Uni- blinds in the UK), there were already around 20 other customers of the Italian brand up and do ݸѡչ䰁Ё͕)ѼܸɑѼ%ѥ)ѥ́ȁѥѡɽՍа)ɕՅЁѼѕɅ́ѡ)ЁЁх́Q͔ݕɔѡ(؃ )U0 0IY$\U, <4)ѡа́ݸݽɑ̰qѡ䁝)ݕԁեєЁ)쁥Ё́䰁ԁ)͔ Ё今t%͡а)݅ͻeЁݽѠѡͱɥ)ɽՍЁѡЁݽձх́Ѽ)ɥٔѼѕѥ䁝ɽ)ɥхѥѕȁ)ՍمՔЁձѼѡͅȁ)ٽٕ)%ͅ܁ѡ́ɑѕ͕Ё)Ѽٕɍи]ЁѼѥ̰)Ё݅ɐѼA%ɥ)ѼɅՅ䁑ɕ͔ѡͥݕq)ݕɔՍtٕ丁Qɽ՝ѡ́ѥѥٔ)ٕݕѡЁٕ݅́͡ѡѥ)ɥɕɔɽѠ̸ͅ ѕȁͅ)ɅͱѕѼѕȁɭѥ̸)ѽ䁵ٔѼѡ 镍IՉ)ѡȁͱ͡ѥ́ȁͽ́Ѽ)ȁ쁵ȁѕ̰ѡ䁍ձ)ɥ͔䁽ɑɥ)ݼѡх͕ٕ%х)ѕɅ̰ȁ͔ݕ)ȁѡѥ́ѡ́Ѽ)ݥܰхѡѼɽ+LɕͥѥȁɍL%ѡ)ѕٕѕхɅЁ̸ٕ)ɽͥɅɕЁՍѥ)ѥ́ѡЁɔѼٕ̰)Ѽɔхɔ́)ɽՍЁѥ)хѥ)Սѥ́ѡЁɔ)مɥѕȁ)٥ɵѡ́ɕ)ɽɕ́ѡЁѕȁݥٕ)ɸѼչѼݥɔ)ͅݥٕȁ͡䁅݅䁙ɽ)Ѽɑȸ+q=ȁхɔȁЁ͕ӊt)%qЁݗeɔЁɅѡȁѡ)ѥѥЁ5ɱ̀饹ݔ)ɔ͕ɕմɽՍаѡЁ)Ʌѥȁ丁]ɥ͕ٕ́)ѡЁՅ䰁ѡѕȁ̰͕ͅ٥)ЁѡЁ́ݥѠлt)]еȁձɥЁ%хѡ)ݕɔ ɥѵ́Ёͼ%)͕Ё́ݸɥٕ́ѼЁѡ啅ˊé)ٕ䁙ɽЁͥ5Ѽ)ɔɑ́ѡЁɔ) ɥѵ́ݕɔձ%Ё́ѡ́ͥ)́ɽՍа́ѕѡЁ́Ё%)݅͡ɐȁѡЀ啅̰ݥ)Չа5ɱ̀饹)ȁ䁵ɔ)!䁉ѡ䁙ɽЁ ٥