Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 82

T-U U-Z REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR UPVC WINDOWS AND DOORS NEED A LETTERPLATE, LOCK, HANDLE, HINGES NOW! If its UPVC we can help All around the world, the name of VEKA has come to stand for the very best in PVC-U window profile systems for the construction, refurbishme [YB[\ݙ[Y[[\Y\˂ M  M LLYYYY\ٚY[ H K[\\\\Z\˘˝Z‚XܚX[\K[H[\X[\]K[K۝\[Z\[XK][\M  ˝XܚX[Y\˘˝Z‚HR&\\\XX[\X[YX\\قT\X[Y[\[‚۝X\΂[\ۙBXZHY[X\و\X[K\ٙX\\B[[ۙ^HY^HX[H H KKX\H[[  H M  L^XH[ܙ\܈\]Y\H][][ۈH^X\HX[܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ\]\X]H܈۝X\ێ[ L  ˝[Y[YK˝Z•[Y[YH RH [[Y ]\K[\\K TB'H^\[܈[[܈\\x'B[ M ‚[\΂ M ^ M L Y\‚ ЊH\BZ[^H]B[[[H\[\\‘[[[B[QN ‚[ L MLB\[ۈ [[H[ \ \^KLH QB[XZ[[\[]Z\PZKHX˝Z]Z˘B^  H M  [XZ[۝X\H[XZ[X\HXۈH[˜[ˈH[X]\[\[[XZ[B[YH\[\^K[\XܚX[Y\˘˝Z‚RHX\Y]\YYYYSS [L ̌ LBMNB[Yܘ]Y\Yۜ•HXYY\XBX]H]Hܜ[”\Z\ H\\ HY\\‚\ܙY[• ю L N NB˝X˘˝Z‚ԈUTHSSԈTHSx&SUTQQB[][YXX[[[B]Z[YX][YB^\[ۘ[\Y\\XBۛ[Hܙ\[‚XZ[ܙ\]^^H[]\BL و\[‚TSHSTRTPTUSH NNBTUTQHSTSUVKSԒSTSBTPRSSBT[] K[[ LL ͈  \XZ[[[K˝Z‘\[K]^BY\[\\XZ[[[K˝Z•ьMS S MPTQT‚