Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 75

MOVERS&SHAKERS SALES TEAM EXPANDS TO MAINTAIN EXPLOSIVE GROWTH »»RESIDENCE COLLECTION, MAKER of Residence 9 (R9), has expanded its sales team as it prepares for continued growth in 2016. R9 the super-premium composite window system grew explosively in 2015 as more and more fabricators and installers started their #R9Journey. Residence Collection has added four experienced Area Sales Managers to the team. Sally Gingell, formerly Deceuninck, Jason Wootton, formerly Veka and FIT Show, and Hayley King and Katie Atkinson, both previously Epwin Group, will be working with fabricators and installers in their areas to help grow their business. Sally, Jason, Hayley and Katie will be supported internally by their own technician and internal sales support. Managing Director, Dan Gill, says: “This significant expansion of our sales team means customers will get the support they need. It enables us to target new business too. “With the launch of the Residence Collection at the FIT Show,” adds Dan, “we need a team that can provide the right support to the market. The new team members are Katie Atkinson, Hayley King, Jason Wootton & Sally Gingell join the Residence Collection team experienced in the industry and will be excellent contacts for our customers to call when they need something. And they’ll have the right support back at the office.” POLICY AND STANDARDS DIRECTOR RETIRES »»MIKE ROBINSON, CHIEF Executive of the British Safety Council, has bid farewell to Neal Stone, Policy and Standards Director who has been working for the charity and membership body since 2008. Neal, who was also Acting Chief Executive of the British Safety Council between December 2014 and August 2015, gained great respect from his colleagues and the industry for his considerable professional expertise, passion and integrity. Neal joined the British Safety Council in May 2008 as Head of Policy and Public Affairs with responsibility for developing its policies and leading its research on major health and safety issues. He represented the British Safety Council in its dealings with the government, HSE, other health and safety bodies, employer organisations, trade unions and other key stakeholders. Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, said: “Our sincere thanks to Neal for his passion, his contribution to the British Safety Council h \Y[[[Y[K\[\[\B\X[YY^X]]KB۝X]YX[\[Bܙ[\][ۈY\H\[ق[\Z[H[[Y]œYZ[]]YX\ˈX[[^\[\[ۙYH]\Y]H[[8&\\[ۈ]›ۙH[H[\Y܈XYH[]ܚ˸'B˘]YKܙ‚[\\Xܜ\USSTTQSX[H[YH]Hق[\\X܈]Q[YK\H\[B۝[Y\Z[ۈ]][ۈ\BH[[܈[YHX[YX\\وXKQ[Yx&\ܛ[X[YX\\Y[[YH[[ܙX\Hݙ\ L [Y\œ\YZۈ]\YH[]H\قۙ]\[\[]Z\Y\[H\[[K[Y\\H^XY\\\H\[H\Hو M]ۛ[Hܙ\[˜X[[܈ MHو[ܙ\XX[YB[[[\Y[]H\[Y][[Z\HX\][\ܝX[K^\[˜\Y\\H[^\Y[[ۙ™ܛ ][[\[\\X܈وQ[YB[Y[Y8'x&[H[YZHۈH]œHو[\\X܋X\[HYX[ۂۈH[\[X\][[[ۈ\BH[[\[\[\\Y[]XZHQ[YHHۙ\[\[\˜H\ًHY[[H]\[‘]Y[]X]H[YYH™][H[\[[ۋ[Hۙ™[]H]\^H[H\[XZ܂[\[\˸'B[XZ[X\][Y[YK˝Z‚HHHHUH H0H M0 B