Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 69

MACHINERY INVESTMENT IN LONG BED MACHINE »»SPECIALIST DOOR MANUFACTURER, Sliders UK, has become the latest fabricator to invest in a four axis machining centre from Emmegi (UK), reflecting the growing trend across the industry towards long bed machines. Sliders UK has purchased a Phantomatic X6HP CNC machining centre with a single work area of 7.7m and the option of two independent machining areas if required. The machine has four controlled axes and two supplementary axes to position the clamps and reference stops while it is working. The four axes functionality, with the electro spindle rotating from 0° to 180°, means that it can machine on five sides of the profile including the profile edge. It also has an 8 piece tools storage magazine and a mobile work surface for quick and easy loading and unloading. This is the third Emmegi machine to be installed at Sliders’ Preston factory in the last two years, to fabricate the company’s popular Ultimate Aluminium range of bi-folds, patio doors and French doors. In 2014, Sliders UK bought an Emmegi T3A Phantomatic 3 axis machining centre when it began its expansion into aluminium, and last year it purchased an additional T3A to keep pace with what has been a record period of growth. Ian Longbottom, Chairman of Sliders UK, said: “The Emmegi machines have proved that they have the quality and reliability that we need as our production volumes have really ramped up. The service and back up from Emmegi (UK) has been excellent as well, including valuable advice from the team on selecting and specifying the right machines for our needs.” All of the Emmegi machines at Sliders UK are linked to a Business Micros Evolution and EvoNET software set up at the factory which is optimising their efficiency. Ian Latimer, Managing Director of Emmegi (UK), commented: “Sliders UK’s experience is fairly typical of what we are seeing in the market at the moment. Fabricators are looking at the ongoing potential in aluminium and are effectively future proofing their operations by choosing high volume, long bed machines ideal for bi-folds and patios, which will give them plenty of scope to take advantage of a growing market.” The smart choice The Smartfill-1 in use at Nationwide Windows & Doors’ IGU manufacturing facility. »»WHEN LEADING PUBLIC SECTOR and new build supplier, Nationwide Windows & Doors, opened its new IGU manufacturing facility, there was only one place to look when it came to manual gas filling, the experts in supplying of gas filling machines for insulated glass units, Inagas. The new facility, which opened in September of last year, is home to a Smartfill-1 gas filling machine, which the company purchased via UK distributor Edgetech. The Smartfill-1 is an Argon only filler with 250mm touch screen controls and unique visual and audible signals to enhance control and productivity. It is capable of 30 litres per minute for single line production and comes complete with the popular SmartStart lance. John Whalley, Managing Director at Nationwide Windows & Doors explains: “We decided to open our own IGU manufacturing facility to allow us to keep full control over all of our processes, to the benefit of our customers. We have the capacity to produce 3,500 units per week, including toughened and laminated glass. “All units are Argon filled and when it came to sourcing an option for manual filling, the Smartfill-1 was the obvious solution for us. The SmartStart Lance makes the process simple, the LED glows green during gas filling, and red when it is finished, it’s as easy as that. The new facility was some 12 months in the pipeline as we took the time to source only the best equipment and machinery for use, and the Smartfill-1 is no exception.” Since 1992, Inagas has led the way in gas filling. The majority of today’s market who gas fill are using Inagas products. With years of experience in offering its customers a range of gas fillers to suit all levels of production, Inagas is expertly placed to provide customers with specialist advice and practical solutions for gas filling with any type of spacer bar and sealant combination. Offering the latest developments in their extensive range of Argon, Krypton and Xenon gas fillers, including touch screen controls and proven design features. More people are choosing Inagas to ensure high performance gas filling machines, reliable and affordable test equipment provided with expert advice and practical solutions. C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » J U L 2016 » 69