Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 66

CONSERVATORIES The Icing on the Cake for ReplacementWindows »»TOPSILL IS THE INNOVATIVE window sill cladding product offering a solution to a common problem for installers when it comes to replacement windows… The window board! Removing and replacing the window board is notoriously difficult to do without causing damage to plaster work and decor and the associated work to then make good. That’s why, when Decora previewed its new Topsill window sill cladding product at the FIT Show earlier this year, it was met with a resounding response from installers that it would prove useful for the replacement window market and looked stunning. Clearview spoke to Decora’s Sales Manager, Anthony Jenner, to find out more… this in itself was a problem, particularly when trying colour match the board to the frames. The authentic tile effect of Topsill, in its variety of colours, complement any window frame, thus removing the need to colour match and the end result looks stunning. It also eliminates the need for unsightly plastic clips, end caps and quadrants,” Anthony continues. “What Topsill does is offers a finishing touch that acts as an enhancement to the window rather than looking like an afterthought. The analogy that some of my installer customers use is that of the options on a car.You can have cloth upholstery or you can have leather interior.Visitors to our stand at the FIT Show agreed that Topsill looks stunning and would be a useable addition to their portfolio. A DECADE OF SUCCESS “The launch of Topsill backs up DecSTONE, our full replacement window board solution and skirting product, which is already flying. In fact, we celebrated its 10th anniversary this month on the 4th July and current figures show that it is being installed in around 40 new build conservatories or orangeries every week. But we realised we were missing out on a huge chunk of the market, the replacement window and conservatory market,”