Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 55

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS ROARING SUCCESS FOR NEW ZOO INSTALLATION »»VISITORS TO THE NEW £5.2M LAND of the Lions enclosure at ZSL London Zoo will benefit from an improved viewing experience thanks to high performance anti-reflective glass, supplied by specialist manufacturer Romag. More than 60 sq. m of Romag’s new AirGlaz toughened laminated glass has been specified to provide transparent safety walling for the viewing sections of the 2,500 sq. m enclosure, which will be home to a pride of Asiatic lions when the feature opens in spring 2016. The new installation has been designed to provide a ‘close encounter’ visitor experience and incorporates an overhead walkway, a crumbling temple, a recreated railway station and an Indian high street. The public will be ab HYHH[[X[™X\[H[\ XHYY[Y[Z[]Y\][XZ[Z[][\[H[\]H[HZ[XYHHX\Hۙ[Y][BZY[\و\HY]X\›[ۜ˂HZ\^ۜX[ۈ\\YۙYXYX[H܈H[\HX[B[K\YX]H\Y\]X^[][B[ ]\]Y][وY]B[X\]K[[][ۈܚ\\]Yݙ\B]K[[۝\[Hܝ[\ۋX\Y[\X[^[XX[\\Yۂ[X[YX\[X[\YۙY[[[Y\وHX\[Y[ܚ›YYYH\[[X\[H[XKۙۈX[YHXXš[ N \Hܛ8&\\Y[YX[\\[HYH[ܙH[ Y\[XY\ˈH[وH[ۜ[\H\Y[\YۙY\[XHH\ܙ\][ۘ[\š[[XK[H[ۜ&H]\[X]]ݙ\\]H[\[[\ۛY[ ][ܝYXKH\X܈]XYZY'[وH[ۜ]ۙۈœ\]Z\YHY YX]H[ۜYX]HY][][ۈ][[™[]\ۙ]\HY\ܛX[H[YYY]K\\\Y[XYYYݚYB\[[۝X]HYۚYX[H[[ܙ]XH\]܈^\Y[K'BX]\[\ۈ]\Z\^[ܜܘ]\[Y[YXYۙ]ۈ]\][X\[[[Y[Y[Y\[Y[Y\X[X]Y[\\ˈ\ܙX]\HY \XH][\]YHX[\Y\][Y[Z\[ۈو\MH[YX[ۈو\[ۙH\[ ˜XY˘˝Z‚X[YX\\و[[Z[][BXۙ\H^[\ݙY\\\[\ݙY\\H[[[H[]H[\\]]ܜ˜[]X]\Y\]([\YX\][\ܝ(X\H[[ZY\‚(ۋ\]HXX[Z[[‚([\\ܝYH\Y]Hو[\]H L^HXY[YB HL  NB˙ܘ[YY^[˘B[\ܘ[YY^[˘BHHHHUH H0H M0 MB