Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 52

ALUMINIUM Trade Fabricator Reports Very Buoyant First Half of theYear »»NOVA ALUMINIUM LIMITED IS A trade only supplier, providing glazing companies with fabricated aluminium windows, doors and curtain walling, using the Smart Systems aluminium profile. This service is ideal for companies who only fabricate PVCu products and do not wish to lose out on any aluminium enquiries they receive or as an overflow for companies who are at factory capacity, and for larger contracts so as not to disrupt their normal work load. Company Director and one of the original founders of Nova Aluminium, Paul Vickery, told Clearview that at the halfway point of the year, business is very buoyant. “We are now in our eleventh year,” says Paul. “Myself and fellow Director, Paul Harvey, started the company in 2005 after we met at Universal Architectural Aluminium in Bristol, which no longer trades in the glazing industry, where I had worked for 28 years and Paul for 20 years,” he explains. “Last year our turnover was in excess of £4 million and we now employ over 50 people at our 44,000 sqft fabricating facility in Bristol, where we have all the very latest machinery. “All products are delivered un-glazed ready to install, either to customer premises or direct to site. Deliveries are made all over England and Wales using the company’s own fleet of vehicles, ensuring products arrive safely and on schedule. “We are very busy at the moment and up 10% on this time last year,” Paul continues. 'X]L HوHܚH\܂[Y\X[\X][ۜX\۝˜[\Z[[[ˈ]\Y[X[[[Z[][BKY\Hݚ[HHYܛ\XH܂\8'HHY˂'ܝ[][H܈\\\Y\\H[^[Y[H\H[x&\H[H]ۈZBY[YHو] H]H[[X\\[\H\HX]H\[\\H]\ٙ\Y\[\X\ܝHH\B\ '\XZ[\\XZH\H]H[[\[Z]Y[\\Y\]H[YH][و]X[]H[\XB^H]HYH^XH\8'H][ۘY\˂˛ݘKX[[Z[][KBXX[Z[^\ Tx&TSԑHUTHԂ[X][ۈ]Z[[[Z[][HXX]܋H[]] \[۝ \]8&\˜Y[[[Y]\[H\X܋[\[\XXYH[[ [\[\XY\XY^[H S x&\\Y[\•Z[^\]\˂[Y[ L\[\XY\\œ]ZXH\[XYHH[ܙYXK[Y[X[\[\XX][ۈ[H]\و[[ \X]Yݙ\ XY\XܛHY[ۋ]][]Y\[Z[^\]\H\YZ[]H[ۙY\[ݘ]ܜ\ܝ\ܜ[][[XY\YZ\\ܚ[]\Z[][ۋXZH[\[[\[\˂[Yو[]X[[[]HY[]Yۈ\ܝKوH[[HYHZ[^\[ۙH[B[YYZ[^\وHYX\[ ̋^YX\[\YH[“]] HYHX\][ܙYXH[X][\\[ۈو]H[YXY]NBL0S M0PTHHHR B[\[8$B[]]Q\[Y\[[Z[][HXX]܈[B\[\[]\[HܝوXY[Y\[][H\\[\X[HۛH\X]Y]T[[H^\[ۘ[\Y\\XK[HXHو\ZYY[[۝\\ X\Y\ ]\X[YHۙHوB[\XYXX]ܜ[HY[ۋ]HXX][\\X\\ܙ XZ[Z[[]Yۘ]\H[Z]Y[Œ Z\][H\\[[]YZXY[Y\H[]]\Y\[R˜[Y^[\[[Z[][HY[XܛB] U\و[[ [\0̛H\ݙ\[]Y˂']8&\؝[\H[ۛ\H]YH[[ 8'H[Y[Y[8'B\Y[H\XY[[ۙH] U\\[\[][]K[ \X[\BۜY\[H]X[]HوH\]][ۋx&[H[YYH[YH^YK'B'H[[XۛYHHX\]B۝X][ۈ^H[\XYY[X\]BXYHH[]]8&\X\ˈH]BܚY\]]\H]\^H]]\]]^Z[]H[&]]BXY]Y[Hو]]]H\ X\X[BX[YH\[ۙH^K'BۈH ܙ[K\[\XY\XY^[H[[^\]H[\YۙBX\[ۈ[\]XH[Z[^\[H[[Y XX[B[\Y]Y[ٚ[Y[H[HY][ۈقHXY^[K˝K][[]] ˝Z‚