Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 50

DOORS&WINDOWS BUILDING PRODUCTS SUPPLIER DOUBLES TURNOVER IN TWO YEARS Britain’s original composite door brand is now BIM compliant »»NATIONWIDE distributor of roof glazing solutions for the trade and commercial markets, LB Supplies, has doubled turnover since working with specialist marketing agency for the construction industry, Purplex. »»PERMADOOR IS THE original manufacturer of specialist composite doors in the UK and, as such, the company intuitively believes that it has a responsibility to continue leading the charge for innovation and new product development for such products. The company has more than 25 years’ experience in the affordable homes, new build and social housing markets and is the UK’s number one supplier to the social housing sector. Permadoor’s extensive experience includes working with local authorities, housing association registered providers and contractors on refurbishment and new build projects across the UK. A commitment to Building Information Modelling (BIM) was therefore inevitable and part of the company’s commitment to its public sector clients. Permadoor’s commitment to BIM Level 2 has been completed and, despite extensive publicity surrounding the advent of BIM, Permadoor is one of just a handful of residential composite The results were delivered through a range of expertly designed marketing services aimed at increasing brand awareness for the company, and generating high quality sales leads. This was achieved by utilising public relations to engage with LB Supplies’ target audience and promote the company as the go-to specialist for roof windows, roof domes and lanterns, skylights, as well as conservatory roof accessories. Purplex has also developed email marketing and direct mail campaigns designed to generate interest and increase sales, targeting over 23,000 potential customers. LB Supplies has also invested in a complete revamp of its website back in 2014, integrating an e-commerce platform. To help increase traffic and sales via the website, Purplex has delivered an expert content marketing strategy that has seen the number of visitors up 470% in 12 months, while the online sales transactions have increased by 750% and online sales conversion rates are up by 54%. LB Supplies Sales Director, Adrian Cooper, said: “Working with Purplex has helped us achieve our goals.” door manufacturers that has made such a commitment. “Permadoor is unusual in being totally committed to the social and private housing sectors and, especially in public housing, there is increasing awareness and commitment to B SK][YBݙ\[\ZH\Y[Y]]8'H^\\XY܈X\][“X[Y\[[[\^K˜\XY܋˝Z‚UTSӑHSHQPBTQTVTUTPUSB[YY]HX[U\^Z[]P]\[[[Y[\“[ZH\[HHR&\[܈[ۜ\]ܞH[\H܈H\[YH][ܙ8&\[\][ۘ[[K[ۙ]B][^\]HX\T[ZH[›[\[K\Y\&\X\][X[Y\[HXZY8']Y[\]]\[ۙH[HYXBو[ZHHHYۛHY[[܈H]Z[]\YܙHH\\ܙ\[HY]\[\Y\YXYHH\UXYX[HYH\[Y[ۙH[H^HHܛ[[L0S M0PTHHHR BY[ۙ\&Y][YHB] 'ݙ\[ H\H[YY]H[ [HXX[ۈHY“[ZHH][^\[\Y\˂]\[ۙH[][YHۈB\]][ۈ[]Y[\][ZHX[H]H[ [X x&]HY[[[]Y[BH][H]\Y\X[BوHHY&]]XZۈH^K]Hܝ[]HZHH\]\XۈH[[]B[HY\]ܙ\˸'B˘\Y\˝Z[ZB