Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 5

INDUSTRYNEWS Rocking and Rolling When most people reach 65, they settle for the quiet life – not so for Kevin Dickinson, Commercial Manager for Wirral-based composite door experts, Vista. »»DECIDING TO CELEBRATE HIS landmark birthday by doing something new and worthwhile, Kevin registered to take part in Liverpool’s ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll’ half-marathon to raise money for the SSAFA, the UK’s oldest military charity. Colleagues at Vista head office, keen to support Kevin’s charitable endeavours, soon volunteered to run the Rock and Roll 5k themselves and together the ‘Xtreme Team’ set themselves a fundraising target of £2k. “I’m incredibly proud of my head office team,” said Vista MD Keith Sadler. The event took place on Sunday 29th May and the ‘Xtreme Team’ ensured Kevin got around the 5K Course, on the Saturday, in good shape and ready to tackle his 1st half-marathon the following day, which he completed despite the near ‘tropical’ conditions, without using his ‘Bus Pass’ once, in a creditable 2 hrs 39 min. With money still coming in from the extremely generous sponsors within our industry a final total has yet to be confirmed, but has already exceeded the initial target to raise £2,000 for SSAFA. Going the extra mile »»A DRIVER AT HURST PLASTICS HAS celebrated reaching an impressive milestone. Phil Ellwood has chalked up a record one million miles on the road during his 10-year career with the Kingston-upon-Hull based company. Phil covers around 2,000 miles a week on his regular route to deliver Hurst door panels and composite doors to customers throughout the South East. Like all of Hurst’s drivers, Phil began his career with Hurst as an agency driver and was then taken on as a permanent member of the team. He’s now one of the company’s longest serving drivers and a reliable and friendly visitor to hundreds of customers in his region. Phil says: “I am absolutely delighted to have reached the one million mile mark. It is a long distance and you have to enjoy your job to get that far. I get a lot of ]\٘X[ۈH[›^H؈[[HZHYY][\Y\ˈB\[Y[ [x&[H][[B[YH\Y\K'BHUUU[X\[ \YX][ۈ]\YHHX\ٝ[UX]BY\و\]ܜ][XY\™\ݙ\܈[\[\H[و\ۂٙ\]H\[x&\™^[]H[ܙX[]KۈZK\\X&H[ܝX[Y\YY8'[\H[\X\]H[ܝX[H[HܙX][X\Y܈܂\ 'BTPԋUHSRS ^Z[Έ8'HXZ]YHو[]Z\\›ݙ\H\HوHYH^\]HU[\]\\\HZ[›ٙH[\ˈ]\[\XXZ]\]ܜ\HY[[\H^B\YY[\[\]HYۛYBX][\[Y\][ۈ[\B\HZ^و[]Z\Y\[\X[\\[[X\YH\Yۈ[\ݙY[K']\؝[\]X[H\[Y\šYY]X[[ݘ][ۜH[[X\^\[ۂ]\[X\[[YX\]B\YX][ۈ[Y\X[\]YB]]H\ۜK\]X[H\[Bو\[][ۜ\ۈX[B[Y[Y^H\HY[X\X][ܙX]\]Z[[ܙ\[\[[H]Z\X\H]Y ']\HܙX]]ܛHXZœ[HXK]YXHX]HYH[Bو\[H][X\[Y\Bٙ\'B˚\ \\X˘˝Z‚˝[X\[˘BHHHHUH H0S M0 B