Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 44

DOORS&WINDOWS IT SLIDES, SWINGS AND FOLDS »»AFTER A NUMBER OF MONTHS testing, Kömmerling has launched the patent pending, PremiFold window and door system, which brings together unique hardware and the proven five-chambered C70 and O70 Gold® window and door profiles. Initially launched at the FIT Show by Flair Plastic Products and Lancashire Trade Frames, this revolutionary slide, swing and folding system for window and doors uses standard casement window and door profiles, along with a unique hardware design, so fabricators can easily manufacture the new PremiFold system while fitting and installation is simple and straight forward. PremiFold offers a new way in which to open windows, with top hung windows often out of reach, this revolutionary new design offers a far greater level of flexibility and increased ventilation, with the sashes moving independently of each other. The system has no visible hinges, can accommodate double and triple glazed units and there are are no technical limitations as to the number of sashes, while the door system now boasts PAS 24. Kevin Warner, Head of Sales and Marketing for Kömmerling commented: “PremiFold will provide our customers with yet another engineered product system, with just the hardware and track to carry in stock.” are fitted, to ensure that any water ingress just simply drains away under the bottom face of the cassette. These latest investments by Endurance® Doors are attracting a number of new customers. MoveTo ODL Plugless Cassettes 44 » JUL 2016 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M »»THE MATRIX 70 WINDOW System from VEKA has led the industry for decades, with its classic good looks and impressive technical performance. Now, thanks to ongoing investment in the supplier’s PVCu systems, a new, even more energy-efficient M70 system has been launched with five chambers within the profile, along with its predecessor’s tried and tested steel reinforcements. MD, Dave Jones, said: “The VEKA UK Group constantly strives to update and improve our product range to ensure it is constantly evolving. We know that to maintain our position as the industry leader, our products have to be the best they can be. In our 30th year of UK manufacturing, we’re proud to have designed and launched the next generation of M70. “The new 2016 M70 is a fully-integrated, multi-chambered, bevelled 70mm system with steel reinforcement sections. Additional chambers have increased the thermal performance to meet the demanding current and future requirements for more energy-efficient products, while an updated contemporary bevel will complement any style of home or commercial property. “Demand for bevelled systems within the commercial and social housing markets remains as strong. The clean bevelled lines of the new M70 will also appeal to homeowners.” »»AS PART OF ITS ONGOING product development programme, Endurance® Doors has now switched to the proven, plugless ODL Tri-SYS glazing cassettes, in response to customer demand for its solid and secure timber composite doors. The introduction of the ODL TriSYS glazing cassettes is yet another product development from Endurance® Doors, alongside the recently introduced Avocet 3-Star ATK anti-bump cylinder and the clever RocFoam technology to the base of its solid and secure timber composite door slabs. The ODL TriSYS® three-piece frame system is easily painted or stained and has no screw hole plugs, for better aesthetics and detail on a composite door. The TriSYS glazing cassettes have also been fully tested in high heat environments with dark finishes, without any issue of deformation and can be painted or stained to the most exacting of colour or woodgrain finish. Endurance® Doors also fully tapes the glazing apertures for both slab only and full door kits in which the these glazing cassettes NEW, MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT SYSTEM UNVEILED