Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 43

DOORS&WINDOWS Could industry qualifications work for you? There is more and more evidence to show that consumers are increasingly starting to understand and value the importance of industry-related qualifications as a part of their process of choosing which installers to appoint to carry out work on their home. »»IN CERTAIN INDUSTRIES, GAS AND electricity for example, we know that qualifications have been mandatory for many years and customers do recognise and expect it. “Is the same finally starting to become the case in our own industry?” asks GQA External Quality Advisor, Andy Carrington… “I recently carried out a live performance observation with a qualifications assessor and the assessor’s candidate who was working to update his current level of GQA qualification in support of his growing experience. The candidate was observed from start to finish, removing and then installing replacement sealed units into existing timber frames,” explains Andy. “The customer was very quick to respond “On completion of the work, and before informing me that they had asked for leaving site, I asked the consumer how they the usual quotes from three installers and had selectedGQA theClearview most suitable installer1to carry was impress