Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 41

Unveiling our must have NEW PRODUCTS openings Visofold 1000 impressive for both residential and Aluminium doors with £450 unglazed per leaf £500 glazed per leaf commercial use. Slimline, square or rounded profile with mitred corners. of incredible PremiDoor 88 Capable opening sizes, up to 6.5m wide, two pane £450 unglazed per r/mtr £550 glazed per r/mtr and 2.9m high. It offers outstanding thermal, acoustic and weather properties. Available to order NOW patio doors PremiLine Pro 24thatcertified doesn’t require One of the UK’s first PAS £399 up to 3m wide & up to 2.4m high unglazed PremiFold £300 unglazed per leaf £350 glazed per leaf unsightly plunge bolts, Secured by Design & meets requirements for Lifetime Homes. Rev ][ۘ\HYB[[[ ܈\[KT \YYY [H\X[ ]Z[XB[[Y\[ ٚ[\˂˙Z\[˘H[XZ[[\Z\[˘B