Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 38

DOORS&WINDOWS Door Selector builds doors and sales »»THE SAFEDOORS DOOR Selector feature that appears on the company’s website has become an instant success with its trade customers, with more than 80% of all orders now received through the system, such is its ease of use. Designed to take trade customers through the enormous number of options available from Safedoors, but in a way that simplifies the process whilst allowing control and in a relaxed environment, it has been an instant success. Simplicity is the key: a simple log on also offers the option of showing prices or not, thus extending the use of Door Selector as a tool to allow homeowner customers to style their door, even with the facility to model their choices against an image of their home scanned in during the process. Choose side lights, door panel, external and internal colours, glass options, hardware – all possible options with the price shown instantly, if required, at the end of the process. Print or send the quotation and if the customer likes what you show them, send the order to the factory. Safedoors Marketing Manager, Alan Calverley, commented: “A great website and a price engine are absolutely necessary.” Pink and blue? »»PASTEL PINK AND BLUE may be the traditional colours for little girls and boys, but when they were specified for the windows and doors, plus some round windows, for the new Mulberry Bush Nursery in Bury, the result was anything but traditional. That was no problem for Grosvenor Windows because, having its own in-house spray shop and working with trade fabricator The Glazerite UK Group Limited, the Bolton-based installer was able to come up with the exact RAL colours, plus 7016 Grey, as well as round frames with Fully Reversible function, all based on the acclaimed VEKA Matrix 70mm profile. The result may look a lot of fun but getting the specification exactly right was a serious matter, according to Grosvenor contract manager Lauren Wilcox: “We pot-tested all the paints to make sure of a perfect colour match. Wind loading calculation \BYYY܈H\ Y܈[۞B] Y\[[H\\ [HY[Y][[\X[ق\H[[[[Y\Xܜ[Y[H[[H]\X\˸'BH[]\HY][\B\\\H]Hܛ\8&\\]XZ[ ˙^\]][˘˝Z‚SUTHTPHUHSTSUTSTTT›^[Y]\X[]\B[ٚ[HX[ۈ\XH›]H\X\\HX\]XY[\Y[YHXX[\Z[ۈ]\]][ۂ܈^[\\H\Y\\XK\][ۘ[YX][\[XX[\ܝ []\[[X[™H[ܙH\[]\[]\[\\[Y]\š]8&\\Z[H[[]Y\X\وHR[\\ق\Y[X[Y\[XX]ܜ[[[\[ZK\HۛHYX]Y\[H[HX܈]TL N  \x&\[HX\[YHقH\HY\[\قܚX[\ HH\[B]8&\Y[H[[\[BP]\XH[H[\[HH]\\XX[\قHYX\XXH[HR›\HYX]Y[]\B[X[ۈ]KXX]ܜ[[[\[[Z\\]Z\[Y[[Y[B0S M0PTHHHR B&H\HY\[\قܚX[\8&B]X[]\Y[ٚ[HXY]H[YH[YKۈH[YH^KXX[]\BYZˈ܈\[Y\][ BZ[\و[[\x&\[B[ۈوHXHYZH[]\KXݙ\H[\Hܝ\ [Y[\\H[[\[ܚ\K˝[]\[\\˘B