Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 36

DOORS&WINDOWS NEW SLIM MEETING RAIL FURTHER IMPROVES MARKET LEADING SASH WINDOW With its slim, graceful lines and understated elegance, the classic vertical-sliding sash window never seems to go out of style. The first vertical sliders were made from timber and were hand-crafted by specialist joinery companies, but today they are widely available in PVCu as well as aluminium. »»WHILE MODERN PVCU SASH windows offer many advantages over their timber cousins; they’re easier to maintain, more energy efficient and not nearly as expensive - very rarely have they matched timber on the aesthetics front. Bulky frames, bolt on sash horns and badly fitting astragal bars have all contributed to making the PVCu sash window look like the poor relation to timber, and it’s these ugly features that have proven unpopular with conservation officers, architects and consumers alike. But not all PVCu sash windows lack on the beauty front. Since 1985, specialist fabricator, Roseview Windows, has made its mission to create a product that not only outperforms timber from a practical perspective, but one that looks just as good. Over the years, Roseview has continued to invest heavily in research and development (R&D), and its hard work culminated in 2013 with the launch of its flagship product, the Ultimate Rose. Incorporating full mechanical joints, external putty lines, traditional sash furniture and the iconic Roseview run-through sash horn, the Ultimate Rose is widely regarded as the best PVCu sash window on the market today. It has been cleared for use in some of the country’s most sensitive areas and was awarded a coveted G-Award in 2013, in recognition of its incredible attention to detail. It was w Y[H\[YY]H[[X]BH[&]][H]\[[]Y][Z[YY][[^XY]HU8$H][\ݙY[][[ܙB]][X[[X]HK]8&\[^\Y[BXX]ܸ&\ܙ[X][[ۈ]Z[]]H[[X]HH\\HH\]][ۂ$[ [\\[K]8&\H^\[ۘ[͈0S M0PTHHHR B[YH]Z[[]\[Z\\H]\]\][ۈHHܚY[[ [H]YY][Z[ٚ[KXYX[H\YۙY܈H\ܘYY[[X]HK]Y]\[[Z[]YB[ ][H[\[H]Y[YY\][H[]][XX\B[X\H[\[[X]BHYY][Z[\[XYB^\[ۘ[H[K[]\[˜H[X\[ZH[Y[H]›\[YKYYX[˜[X]8$]]8&\][[[Y\HZ[ٙ[^BK[[K]Y]\XY]YB[[Y\YY][Z[ۈHX\][H[]XXXH\H[X\ܚY[[[][HܚY[[[[X]HKۈو[] H][[X]HB[]\[H\ܛX[H[Y]و]š[\[\YX\܋Z[HX\Y [H\X[]\H[T̍ L&x&K\]Y\[\ [XHXY]BX\YH\Yۈ[Y][YHY\˜XܙY]][ۈۈ\]Y\ ]Y]X\][X[Y\ZZBYܘ]K[Y[Έ8']X^H[ZH[X\ \]\[][Y[ ]YX[HYوHYY][Z[[[[Z[][H[\[H\XYHBܛوY\[HHݙ\[Y\]XقH[ˈ\\\H\\[]HU[H\H\و\]ܜ\[YH[[X]HH\XYBH[X\[\H[Z[[H\\Y[^H[]]\X[YX\Y\[Hٚ[Kx&]H^\Y[Y[ܙYXH[X[[HHU[x&\H^X[\[ܙX\Hݙ\BZ[[۝˸'BY[X[\š[ܙX\H\ZZB^X]Y]\B\X]HX[[]K\YX\HXX]܈[YHXۙXܞBۘ[]HۈH[ܙH[Y8&\[x&B\\X\YX[X[H[[™[Y\[\[[YZ[\XB[HXZ[ ]X\HXܞH܂][[\[ˈ8'HXYH[܈[ܙHۜ\][ۈ[H[YB[YHY[XYYH[Y[BYX]YXܞH܈\\HوX 8'BZZH^Z[Y 8'H\H\[HXZ[˜\[ [\YZ]H]™XܞH\][\HYۚYX[H[B\ 'BZZH\Y[[]]H]œ[HYY][Z[\\YۙYH]Y][Hو]\Y\ˈ8']\HYš[\Y[ۈ\\ ]H]HBX\]XY[YY][Z[]8&\^\]B]Y][]\\YH\Y\˜[\[[[ݙ\H\]][ۋH[ݘ]H[X[YX\H[H\œ[\H\[XK'B˜]Y]˘˝Z‚