Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 34

DOORS&WINDOWS Step-by-step skylight installation »»SINCE 2004, SUNSQUARE HAS been pioneering skylight designs, always aiming for the highest possible specification. As the first and only flat roof skylight manufacturer in the world to have its entire skylight range Kitemarked, it comes as no surprise that they have paid close attention its skylight installation process too. Sunsquare has, since it started 12 years ago, sold separate upstands. It is the only company to have done so and that persistence is now being recognised and will become an industry standard. A separate upstand not only ensures the expensive roofing membrane stays intact, but also ensures the roofer and skylight manufacturer can offer a comprehensive warranty. Here is a step-by-step guide to installation: 1. Press the tape down firmly with your fingers to confirm full adhesion. TOP 6. 3. STEP THREE Carefully lower the SkyView skylight onto the upstand, being careful not to trap your fingers between the upstand and skylight frame. Check that the skylight is sat soundly onto the upstand, the frame should be continuously supported on all sides. 4. STEP SIX Install the screw cover trims by first locating the bottom edge, then rotate the trim upwards. Correct installation will be achieved when you hear the trim “snap” into position. As each section is installed check alignment at the corners, making small adjustments with a soft faced mallet as required. 7. STEP SEVEN STEP ONE STEP FOUR Check the pre-installed upstand dimensions prior to lifting the skylight onto the roof area. It is important to confirm that the upstand is square. This is achieved by comparing measurements taken across the diagonally opposite corners. If the upstand is square these dimensions will be the same. Carefully adjust the position of the skylight making sure it is correctly centred over the aperture. Before moving onto the next step it is advisable to check the positioning of the skylight from the inside, as this will allow for easy fixing of the internal finishes. To ensure the screw cover trims are firmly located it is Y\XHYH\Hٚ[B[ۙ][]HٝXYX[] B[[H[H\H]Hٚ[H\™[H[YY KT‚TUBXZH\H]HXHوH\[\X[H[YHH[[][ۜˈ\BH[YY[\H \YY HB[\[Y]\وH\[ [ۙH]\YK\[H\YYܙ]\[H[YH\[YHKY[Y\˂H\Y[ݙ\]Y[\Hܙ]˜\[H\YܛZ[H[[Z[][H[YK0S M0PTHHHR BTRQ\\]\H[[][ۈوB[]X\HUY][Y [H\HXB[[ݙH[X]H[\܈\[ ܛYHX[H]H[[Y[Y\[HY]\H\X[\[Hٝ[YH ˜[]X\K˝Z‚