Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 30

DOORS&WINDOWS ENTERING THE DIGITAL AGE »»THE CONSULTANCY IS continuing to work within the Fenestration Industry to bring another big company in to the digital age, this time teaming up with Shepley to upgrade its digital offering by developing a new fully mobile responsive website and an online ordering system. Richie, Director of The Consultancy, said: “We’ve been working with Shepley for little over a year now, with the main objective to increase their digital stand and offer their customers an online alternative to showrooms and trade assistance.” “Shepley approached us with a very clear aim for its website and online ordering system, and we have worked together with the company in order to reach this goal.” The sleek new website is now fully mobile responsive, meaning Shepley customers can view the website on any device, from computers to tablets and mobiles, at any time. Built with its trade customer in mind, the website focuses on online ordering, marketing support and new trade area features; such as a Visage photo library where customers can download high and low resolution product photography to use on their marketing campaigns and promotional material. RED, GREEN AND BLUE DOOR FRAME COLOURS »»ENDURANCE® DOORS HAS launched what is believed to be the broadest range of foiled door frame colours in the composite door sector, with the introduction of rich red, racing green and French navy, along with a new bespoke foiling service. Thanks to the resources of the Rocal Group, the company behind the solid and secure Endurance® Doors range, these three new door frame colours will be available from stock with its standard 7-10 day lead time, either foiled both sides or foiled on white. Through its in-house foiling division, customers can also order bespoke options on an extended lead time for example, Chartwell Green on the outside face of the door slab and frame, with foiled cream to the inner X\˂H[Hو[\\H[\[pܜ[Y\[Y]KܙX[KXKX\ܙ^K[X]Hܙ^K\][\\Z[Z[] XZ] \[ܙY[\][\H\[ XY X[ܙY[[[]KX\HL Hق[]Y[X\܈X[\\Bݙ[[[Y[܈[X\H[Y[X[X]H[\YۂH܈[Y\]H[XZ[[\\X[Hٙ\Y]H]H]\[YK˙[\[Yܜ˘˝Z‚[\H\܈X\]BX][[&\Й\[\”Y\][܂PUSS&TSՐUUBY\][܈\XY]Y[[\B\܈X\]K]\HۛHY[][™܈ۈHX\]]YY]T \]Z\[Y[܈YH[\[\˂0S M0PTHHHR BY\8&\T XܙY]][ۈ܂[[YX\]HYX[]YH[\[HۙY\][ۜ[\H\X[][KY\\Й\[\˜[][[XܛH\ XY[[X]\\ܛX[H[[\HYXY[Bˈ]XY]\ LH[]\\YXX[]KL H[[][[[J܈][\H][ TKX[Y[\X܋H ^\΂'[\\[K\[\X]][™܈\Y[[[[]]\Y\˜X]\H]\]]ܜ&HX]قH]\]8&\X\HXX]H[[[ [Y[ۙ\]H\X\]KX]\[[\H\ܛX[HX[Y][[›˸'BY\\]Z[XH[X][[&\YB\YK\[HۈH[YHܝXY[Y\\\[Y[[ˈ[[\˜[HH \^\[Y[›X][[\[[[\Y\[[[\[ܜ[Y[][ܜ˜]H[YH[YK'\XX]ܜ[Z\[[\[[\YY[][ܜۈH[YB\[]\H[Y\\\[8'HY”KX][[R‚