Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 28

INDUSTRYNEWS Venturing into new territories »»WARWICKSHIRE-BASED COMPANY Newbury Commercial Glazing services a wide range of customers, both in the private and public sector, and produces a collection of aluminium windows and doors, and curtain walling, using Smarts, Kawner, Schuco, and Jack Aluminium systems. Clearview visited the company’s Operations Director, Ian Hannis, after recently meeting him at Fensterbau and again at the FIT Show. Ian explained how the business is venturing into new territories through the trade market, establishing its offering by looking at smarter ways of manufacturing and developing new sales avenues. Tucked away behind a suburban housing estate, Newbury Commercial Glazing resides on a newly-built selection of units in the village of Lower Cape, Warwick. The units house the company’s stock, manufacturing and administration facilities, with a recently purchased unit standing ready for Newbury’s latest venture. Greeted by Ian, dressed in jeans and t-shirts and comfortable in his own surroundings, it was evident that this was a guy who likes to be hands-on in the business. Within the first ten minutes of our meeting, Ian’s enthusiasm for the company’s plans for the future shone through, and getting straight to the point he discussed how the company has been quite specialised within the education sector over recent years and how he and the owners’ son, Oliver Newbury, are driving through a 10-year strategic plan that will see the company operate in new markets and change the businesses approach, setting standards through the industry. “We are particularly well-established locally within the education sector working colleges and schools, but we had become too complacent. Winning tenders for the public sector, in particularly in education, can be extremely time consuming in terms of the resources needed to deal with season aspect of the contract and it is easy to take your eye off the ball when you are immersed in the middle of an ongoing contract. “The aluminium sector has always been very prominent in commercial markets, with specifiers and architects demanding more sustainable products. The development of aluminium from the sy [\\\ݙ\X[YX\\Y[H\X[\XۈB0S M0PTHHHR BY\XX\][\\[YܛH\و]؝\x&\[^[\^\\H[HX[YX\[و[[Z[][HXš[HY\XX\] 'B[\HY\[K]؝\H\\\X\YYH HYX\Y\X\YB]\&\]\H^\[\[H\]\H]YX\Y[ [\H]Y[YKH\[H\Z[\ܚ[œ[][ۜ]\Y\[[]]ܚ]Y\H\[\]Y[][YHX[H[[[HYY܈]˜[Y\X[\Y\˂X[YΈ8'\\[\[\B[][ۜو]X\H\[K]\H]HYܚX\\]X[\XH\Z[XH[X[YXXB\\[\ˈ]\\YX[܂\\H[]Y]و\H\\[Y[H[X[ۈو[[\[B][Yٝ\Hܘ[[YH[[H\\][ۜ˂'[]Y][[][[\]YX[Hۙ]][ܙ\]\[\\\H\]][ۈ[XYB[ܙH]X]HY[HYYYݙB\X[YX\[\X[]Y\\H]\'H\H\[H][[[[\[ Z[܋[XYH\[H܈]؝\H]Bݙ\[Z[HXYHH\\\\BH\[و۝X]H\Y\YY[]\K'B]؝\HZ[\ܙX]HHX[[\œX[ۈ\܈]؝\H[[Yܘ]B]]]H[[Y][[][›XX[K[\X[ۈ\]Z\Y[ YX[H\[H[YH[\ݙYX[ۈ[YXYX[ۂXY ][YK'\Z[H\H[H][ۈ\HBXYH]]X]YHXHXBXۈ^[Y[HX[XY ][Y\ˈ\BX]]Y\]H\HX[]HY\ݙ\XYHZ[[][H[Z[\[\\X\قH\[\[ۙ\][][\][HY[H\]H[8'HX[Y˂[\^H[\Y[ ܛZ[\قH\[\[[Y][X[\Y[\K\H[[وH[\YYB[\'H\HY[[\[][YHœ\ܝ[[[\[XX]ܜ[][[\]]HK]H\ܝو\^\[ۈ\Y\H\H][\B]YH[\\H\Y\[ۛH\HXHܙ\[^HX™K][]YXH[HX[œ[^HYY[ܙH[ 8'HX[ۘY\˂˛]؝\X[Y\X[^[˘˝Z‚