Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 18

INDUSTRYNEWS AND THE WINNER OF IS… »»FULL SERVICE MARKETING agency, Purplex, made its presence known at this year’s FIT Show by tasking attendees to hazard a guess at how many Lego® bricks were used to make its bespoke BuildOn window cross section. The competition ended up being a runaway success with over 1,000 guesses being entered, drawing in crowds of installers and fabricators who each placed their guess. Coming out on top however was none other than Steve Gane, Installation Manager of Team Frames Trade and Retail, which specialises in the installation of many double glazing products such as bifold doors and roof lanterns. Steve’s guess of 2,955 was remarkably close to the total amount of 2,958 missing by only 3 bricks, beating over 1,000 other entries made during the FIT Show that included Directors Sharon and Rob Bignall, who, despite their best efforts, weren’t as close! To celebrate Steve’s success, Purplex recently visited Team Frames Trade HQ in Surrey, presenting him with a prestigious winner’s certificate and luxury prize of a weekend away in a Hilton hotel for both him and a loved one. Steve said: “I studied the window and made a calculated guess, but never expected to get so close.” Partnering over three decades »»LANCASHIRE-BASED marketing agency, The Image Works Ltd. has revisited three decades’ work for one of its longest-standing clients, The VEKA UK Group as the Germanowned company celebrates 30 years of UK manufacturing. “The company set up in Burnley in 1986, near to our former studio in Colne”, recalls Trevor Hind, MD of The Image Works. “They had just four extrusion lines then, but their international pedigree and UK aspirations were clear. Needless to say, we were keen to work with them from the outset! “In the early days, VEKA worked with a number of agencies, some national, to establish itself as the ‘go-to’ name for PVCu systems in the UK. Our versatility allowed us to prove ourselves, firstly with a series of ‘one-off’ brochure designs, advertising concepts, and so on; steadily becoming responsible for more and more project briefs. We oversaw the original Matrix 70 campaign, the company’s most significant product launch at the time, helping it to become the industry standard that it remains today.” “VEKA is the leading PVCu systems provider in the UK, Europe and around the world, and we’re extremely proud to have played a part in that success.” FALL PROTECTION SOLUTION »»THE REBEL™ LEADING EDGE SELFRetracting Lifeline (SRL) by Capital Safety, a 3M Company, is specifically designed for leading edge applications: connection at foot level over an edge, in 6m and 12m lengths, eliminating the need for an extension edge sling. The Rebel™ LE SRL is ideal for construction and general maintenance applications and features an oversized galvanised steel wire rope covered by rubber for added security over the edge, minimising the risk of frayed or severed lines. It also includes a second fully integrated external textile energy absorber, reducing the forces imposed on the user. 18 » JUL 2016 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M The unit is in-cased in a thermoplastic housing, which is lightweight, compact and durable. Meanwhile, the optional use of the SRL covers protect labels from everyday wear and tear so that they remain easy to read. With a carabiner included, ready for connection to an anchor point, the product also features an ergonomic built-in carrying han HXYYܝ[X\K[ً]\K\X\۝ ܛ\X\][X[Y\]\][Y]H[Y[Y8'\HXY\[[X[ۈH\H۝[X[H][›XZH[\ݙ[Y[\XˈH\B[Z]Y[\H]\Hܚ\]ZY]\YHY[K'B˘\][Y]KB