Clearview National July 2016 - Issue 176 - Page 17

INDUSTRYNEWS AWARD FOR PLASTICS INNOVATION AND DESIGN 2016 »»THE PRESTIGIOUS HORNERS Award is run jointly with the British Plastics Federation (BPF) and the Worshipful Company of Horners (an ancient guild and livery company of the City of London) and is awarded for innovation in plastics design and manufacture or in the processing of plastics. The prestigious award is believed to be the longest established Design Award for Plastics in the world. The award is for any polymer based product and includes polymer related machines or processes. It is a cornerstone of the Horners many activities supporting Design and Education in the Plastics Industry. The first competition was held in 1947, attracting some 14 entries. Since that point the award has gone from strength to strength. Entries will be judged on design innovation, demonstrable commercial potential and environmental advantage. This award offers an excellent opportunity for UK companies (designers, manufacturers or material suppliers) to demonstrate their expert skills, knowledge and innovation within the plastics industry. ‘the award has gone from strength to strength’ The awards are now open - Closing date is 31st July 2016. Award/Default.aspx Calls for investment in neglected rural roads »»A UTԕHBY\][ۈوX[\[\\ ЊH][و[X[\\[HR&\œY[XX[ܝ\[H]B]\[ܘ]Y[X[YX\˂Ј[X[\[\\\Bݙ\[Z[H[X[ۈY][ L\\ IJHX[Y[YHۈB]ܚˈ\[\[\\\H][[ܙHZ[B[HۈY\^Hٝ[\ܝ]H܂X\XX[ܝ[ZHZ[܂\\˂HЈ\ܝ 8&[H^BZ[NۛX[\[\\[\[[][]Y\8&H[[ۜ]\ۙ\[ۋܛHXZ[Z[Y[Y[HXقY[ۘ[]YX[[\H[X[[HHYۚYX[XۛZX\Y\™XۛZXܛ \X[\H[\[\X\˂ZZH\K][ۘ[Z\X[]BY\][ۈوX[\[\\ ЊKZY8'Bݙ\Y[\[\[[[ܝ]B[۸&\\H\YY\ڙXۈB]YXY]ܚˈ[X[\[\\›XZ[H[HۈZ\[Y[XX[ܝ \H\Hۙ\H[ܚ]\B[\Y[[\HX[\ڙXX[[[]X]Hۙ\[ۈ[[X˸'B˙؋ܙ˝Z‚QH\[\\\H\”\ ]\[\ӒSSTӂ\[\\\[\\]\]Z[&\\ ]\[H\[›Yۜو[ۋ\[˜[H[ܚ\XYHY\وHܜܘ]Hܛ X[\[\\\HZ[[Y\›][[\[]\[˜XYHZ\ۈ˂ ]\[Y\\B\Y\YX\H\HHݙ\HHH][\ˈ\B[Y\[\[\\۝Z[B[X[ܛ[XYBHYو\[[™Xۛ^Kۈ\\ݙ\NIBوR\[\\\HQx&\[\Z[ MKZ[[ۈ[B]HX[Y[X[\ݙ\و0K[[ۋ[HH[[X[ܘ\[  [X[܈[\]]B[[H\Y\[]]\\˜Y[\[\H[XH[B\\]HYYو[[˜[[Y\[QH\[\\˂܈ LYX\\[\[\\B[ QH\ܛۈݙ\[ܚ\H[HܝX\ق[[[ٙ\[\°ML ܈][ܛ[˜\[\\ˈ ؜]HY[YYX\Y܈ܙX]Y\B\[ [[[[X\H0›Z[[ۈ[H\YX\[ۙKKZ[[ۈوX[\\[˂\N˘Y[ ܙ‚HHHHUH H0H M0 M‚