Clearview National July 2015 - Issue 164 - Page 82

BUSINESSNEWS Protecting the Tradesperson The Home Improvement Guarantee (HIG) scheme has received an avalanche of publicity in national and regional papers in the last few months and now is seeking to expand its network of approved builders and tradespeople to accommodate for the soaring demand for builders. »»The scheme offers tradespeople an immediate competitive advantage through protecting customer’s payments. What this means is customers commit money into an independently regulated account ahead of the tradesperson doing any work. This ensures that tradespeople are protected from “cowboy customers” who commission work they cannot afford. The HIG requires that member tradespeople undergo a background check with a small fee, which is refundable from the income paid on their first two jobs provided by the HIG network. HIG is a Trading Standards approved scheme which involves the head office sourcing builders from all over the country to quote for jobs ranging from kitchen/ bathroom projects to entire rebuilds/renovations. Almost 300 builders have already signed up to the scheme, which works like this: First, the work is split up into various stages, and a timescale or deadline is agreed on for completion of each stage, and the