Clearview National July 2015 - Issue 164 - Page 78

CONSERVATORYEXTRA Getting even Cooler Bioclean Aqua, the leading conservatory roof glass from Saint-Gobain Glass now has improved solar control with the launch of BIOCLEAN AQUA LOWER SOLAR FACTOR (LSF). Smarter Glass Clayton Glass has just launched SMARTGLASS®-W, the industry’s first dedicated range of glass specifically designed for conservatory doors and windows. »»Sold with a three tier proposition, the standard SMARTGLASS®-W typically offers 240% more solar control than standard glass, is almost three times better than clear glass for heat retention and benefits from warm edge technology. The upgrade to SMARTGLASS®-W Plus+ additionally provides enhanced security and acoustics, and blocks out 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, which have proven to damage soft furnishings in conservatories over the years. Better still SMARTGLASS®-W Ultimate offers all these key features, along with a true self-clean coating, helping conservatory owners enjoy a clear vision of the world outside. Jason McCabe, commercial director of Clayton Glass commented: “SMARTGLASS®-W has been developed to provide a better conservatory environment for consumers. “Even ‘A’ rated windows fall short in the performance tables to SMARTGLASS®-W. We believe that with as much glazed area in the vertical plane as in the horizontal (roof ) plane, the future in conservatories is for a total solar control solution from floor to roof.” For further information visit, e-mail or call 01207 288200 78 » JUL 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M »»More than a year’s development has gone into boosting the heat reflection of the popular self-cleaning glass from 78% to 82% and cutting the g-value from 0.22 to 0.18, without affecting the existing 1.0 U-value. The result is a glass that will keep indoors even cooler on sunny summer days but give the same heat retention in colder weather, said Jenni Bailey, Marketing Manager for SGG’s Conservatory Range: “This will be a great benefit for end-users and a strong selling point for installers but because it is single coated, it will be just as easy to process as the current dual coated Bioclean Aqua. “Temperature control within conservatories is a major issue with end-users who quite rightly want to use them as much as possible throughout the year. Once again, SaintGobain is responding to consumer demand.” The launch of BIOCLEAN AQUA LSF is backed by technical support and marketing support in the form of revised conservatory glass sample kits and an updated conservatory brochure.