Clearview National July 2015 - Issue 164 - Page 71

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS Video Star Mark Pearce, Managing Director of Hampshire based KJM Windows, explains why KJM uses SWISSPACER, and how it helps them sell triple glazing, in SWISSPACER’s latest customer promotion video. »»KJM began using SWISSPACER with the launch of the Windows Energy Rating scheme in 2008. In the video, Mark discusses the importance of offering triple glazing and explains why SWISSPACER plays a big role in the energy efficiency of windows. SWISSPACER’s UK and Ireland Marketing & Sales Manager, Vic De Costa, says: “Mark is passionate about energy efficiency and speaks from authority: triple glazing is 20% of KJM’s sales, so it’s great to have him on camera explaining why SWISSPACER is important. SWISSPACER is the UK and Ireland’s favourite warm edge spacer bar, offering the best ratings and long lasting performance ideal for triple glazing. It’s a rigid spacer bar, making the two spacer frames in a triple glazed unit easy to align. The alignment of the spacer frames is integral in ensuring a high quality finish to the sealed unit.” Catwalk and Dogwalk Glass Fitting Pet Doors Pet-tek international Ltd(PTIL) is the manufacturer of the Catwalk and Dogwalk ranges of quality cat and dog flaps. The company was established in 1999 and now manufactures 12 different models for installation in to glass or walls and doors. PTIL has it’s HQ in New Zealand and exports to over 20 countries. In late 2012 PTIL registered a UK subsidiary and put bulk stock in to a storage facility in Kent. The glass fitting range of cat and dog flaps has been well received by the UK glass industry and general public. PTIL offers 5 options of glass fitting models. The popularity of the glass fitting models is due to them requiring a round cut out, having large flap openings and being manufactured from virtually indestructible BAYER polycarbonate. The Dogwalk glass fitting dogflap is the first of it’s type, being suitable for glass 3mm to 32mm thick, making it suitable for single glazing and double glazing. The Catwalk and Dogwalk ranges are available in white and clear. For more information please contact Steven King at Made with Makrolon® by C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » J U L 2015 » 71