Clearview National July 2015 - Issue 164 - Page 64

HARDWARE& SECURITY Why Can’tYou HaveYour Cake and Eat It? »»David Jennings, MD of UAP explains, why UAP developed its new Tradelock Cylinder to be a budget cylinder, with all the security features found on a more expensive cylinder option; “There are two main reasons for offering these extra features; we believe that all cylinders should offer security features they are designed to protect the public. Secondly, companies who promote security doors will increase their profits and sell more, and so it makes economic sense to offer a more secure cylinder.” David continues, “However, the security features must be done in a way to still make the cylinder a budget cylinder. And that has always been the issue.” David says, “We knew we had price as a significant parameter to maintain the budget price objective. We knew we wanted anti-drill and anti-pick. And we knew we wanted six pins. The icing on the cake was if we could add anti-bump?” UAP has been at the heart of the ‘anti-bump debate’ since they launched Pickbuster some nine years ago as an aftermarket anti-bump upgrade. Pickbuster was a chemically based solution to the problem and hundreds of thousands of locks throughout the UK are still protected by Pickbuster. David explains the Zero Lift concept, “We wanted to introduce an anti-bump system that was not based on trap pins as they are expensive to produce. We wanted to look at how bumping works and develop a system based upon the pins in the cylinder.” “So we studied bump keys which are used to trick a cylinder into opening. It became obvious to us that we could achieve our goal by introducing a long pin which was the full height of the cylinder core, and went from the keyway line to the shearline as a solid pin. We then used the Zero Lift system, and developed a pinning chart of combinations that makes bumping this cylinder almost impossible by criminals.” David adds. With the Zero Lift system now Patented, UAP added the system to the Tradelocks cylinder to give added protection with little impact on the cost! Tradelocks budget cylinders are in stock now, and are available to buy with next day delivery. Call our friendly sales team today on 0161 796 7268 or email sales@ Working on the Dark Side »»Increasing sales and profits doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you use the new Ninja Dark key cutting machine. Using the equivalent worktop space of a laptop and with no skills required, the Ninja Dark key copying machine from Keyline is safe and easy to use and available currently from UAP Tradelocks. The Ninja Dark is one of the new breed of electronic machines specifically designed for trade counters and fabricators who have no key cutting skills or experience. Everything is done automatically and cuts a perfect key in less than one minute. David Jennings of UAP says: “Key cutting is profitable, but people have shied away from it because they worry about the skill required and because of the safety issues involved, but the Ninja Dark takes all of those worries away. “The Ninja Dark will copy flat edge keys like the common cylinder keys, household keys, and it will even cut double sided car keys.” David adds. So where’s the market? A typical key blank holds a cost price of around 25p or under. Retail and trade key cutting prices can range from £1.99 to £2.99 per key cut and typically most people take at least two keys cut at a time. There is no secret that at some point people will find themselves in need to have a key cut, and 64 » JUL 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M that is why key cutting on the high street is so popular. So adding the Ninja Dark will not only increase your core services, but it will also attract more business from people wanting simple flats keys copied. See the Ninja Dark in action by watching UAP Tradelocks video at html Call our friendly sales team today on 0161 796 7268, or email