Clearview National July 2015 - Issue 164 - Page 53

DOORS&WINDOWS Sternfenster’s Skyline Door Striking it Lucky »»Thirteen installers have signed up to become authorised retail partners for StyleLine in the first few weeks after its official launch by Lincoln fabricator, Sternfenster. Steve Lane, Sternfenster national sales manager, commented: “Our existing customers have recognised the commercial potential of these unique products, as well as the advantage of being the sole StyleLine supplier in their region, and the beneficiary of salesoriented, effective marketing support. “Part of the StyleLine retailers are actually new customers, driven by the desire to differentiate their offer in the marketplace and appeal to the discerning homeowner with new and improved windows and doors that will help them increase sales and make more margin.” The StyleLine collection of residential doors has already proven very popular with homeowners as an alternative to composite doors, bringing together the low maintenance benefits of PVCu and the beautiful aesthetics of a timber entrance door. Steve said: “StyleLine is a highly marketable range, and we have created a very attractive brand around it, to help authorised partners promote its unique benefits to the style conscious homeowners.” For more information contact Sternfenster on 01522 512525, or visit A NATURAL CHOICE »»Window and door fabricator Quickslide is responding to growing demand for bespoke coloured PVCu windows and doors with the launch of its own-in-house painting facility. The new facility will not only give Quickslide customers keen pricing and quick turnaround, it will also give the fabricator far more control throughout the entire process, including more stringent quality control. The company has been offering its customers painted windows for over ten years, Managing Director Ben Weber explained, and demand has continued to increase throughout that time as more and more homeowners make the most of an ever-broadening range of options. He continued: “We have gained more experience than most during the last ten years so it seems a natural evolution that we should bring the process in-house. It also synergises well with our in-house laminating facility and means that now we can offer installers a laminated product that incorporates painted elements to create a higher quality, better finished product.” Quickslide has always maintained the philosophy of bringing as many processes as possible in-house, including glass unit manufacture, to give the company far greater control of quality and consistency, as well as lead times. Got it covered! »»Now available for the UK market, the ISOe-EWI SEALING SYSTEM can be used by installers to provide rapid, high performance and enhanced energy saving insulation sealing solutions for a variety of external installations around the windows and doors as well as roof and wall base areas. The system features a combination of materials which can be mixed and matched to suit the individual installation, including the ISO-BLOCO 600 ‘PREMIUM EDITION’ and ‘COLOUR EDITION’ sealing tapes, which protect against driving rain, and the special ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD, XD and ISO-CONNECT OUTSIDE EPDM foils. To complement the ISOeEWI SEALING SYSTEM is the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER thermal insulating and load bearing bracket system - a structurally solid, prefabricated installation frame that can be quickly cut to length on site and secured in position using a single component adhesive and, if necessary, fixing screws. The new ISOe-EWI SEALING SYSTEM from ISO-Chemie. This enables the installer to fit windows into the insulation area of the ISOe-EWI SEALING SYSTEM, in front of