Clearview National July 2015 - Issue 164 - Page 34

DOORS&WINDOWS A++’ Rating Launched »»BFRC has officially launched the applications process for the first ‘A++’ band in England & Wales for Window Energy Ratings (WERs). There will be four months for window companies to develop new ‘A++’ product as the first licences will not be issued until 1st October 2015 – with the first ‘A++’ product being launched shortly afterwards. BFRC follows the 10 point band cut offs illustrated in section 4.2 of Approved Document L1b’. The new ‘A++’ rating will be no different, with ratings starting at an energy index value equal to or greater than +20. This means any BFRC ‘A+’ rated product which achieves 20 or more can be upgraded to an ‘A++’.Alternatively, manufacturers can also apply for new ‘A++’ licences. All applications must be accompanied by a simulation report and can be made either directly to BFRC or through an Independent Agency. These new ‘A++’ licences are available both as Simplified Energy Licences (SELs) and Detailed Energy Licences (DELs). ‘A++’ and the Overheating Misconception Overheating in a domestic situation happens when the internal room temperature becomes higher than the comfort level, and cannot be reduced by simply opening the windows. It can be caused by two factors:The first is high external ambient temperatures, which can lead to high internal ambient temperatures due to heat conduction through the building envelope. But ‘A++’ (and ‘A+’) windows have significantly lower U values than lower rated windows, so they will reduce the amount of heat being transferred into the home from outside. The second caus Hوݙ\