Clearview National July 2015 - Issue 164 - Page 25

INDUSTRYNEWS Sealing Money In »»Installing high performance double glazing remains one of the most common and potentially most cost-effective home improvements carried out by property owners in the UK. However, while the TV channels and national press carry lots of advertisements for ‘A-rated’ windows, few people realise that the method of installation is just as important as the way they are made. In fact, Government-backed research has shown that air leakage and ‘thermal bridging’ around door and window openings is responsible for a huge amount of the heat loss from existing properties. Thermal imaging confirms this with the perimeter to windows often glowing red on infra-red photographs. With customers often spending £5000 - £7000 on window systems boasting Low-E glazing, special weather seals, and even triple glazing, it is common sense to ensure they are fitted correctly, rather than being “bodged” into ragged reveals with a bead of silicone to cover the gaps. Now homeowners can be assured that their new double glazing and doors save them money in the long-term by choosing an installer that uses Tremco illbruck expanding weather-strip and sealant technology to complete the job. tremco illbruck is an internationally renowned manufacturer of construction sealants and has already worked on high profile projects achieving the higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes, the German PassivHaus or zero heating standard, and top scoring commercial projects under BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method.) They also supply both expanding weather-strips and compatible sealants to counter cold-bridging. Since tremco illbruck launched its i3 offering at Ecobuild three years ago - for the installation of windows within new-build and refurbished façades - the company has carried out trials with a number of respected fabricators including Nationwide Windows, Sidey, Lister Trade Frames and Passivlux all of which have proved successful. Visit Start the week with Clearzine. • Every Monday. • Delivered to 14,000 industry emails. • Your weekly news portal. • Mobile-optimised. > 50 dB 46 - 49 dB Your customers, your news... 41 - 45 dB 36 - 40 dB 31 - 35 dB 26 - 30 dB < 2 ؁