Clearview National January 2018 - Issue 194 - Page 70

HARDWARE& SECURITY DEMAND PEAKS FOR EASI-FIT AND EXCALIBUR » » IN A YEAR THAT MANY have described as ‘flat’, Kenrick has bucked the trend and toasted to an incredible rise in sales for two of its best-selling products. The West Bromwich-based firm has reported that sales of its market-leading Easi-Fit window lock have soared by 50% whilst sales of the Excalibur multi-point locking system are up by 25%. Suitable for all PVCu, aluminium and timber windows, the Excalibur shootbolt system is Secured by Design approved and can comfortably satisfy the requirements of PAS 24, 2012. It delivers first rate security features for the homeowner and ease of installation for the installer. Excalibur is available in a 20mm, 22mm and 25mm backset gearbox and can be supplied as a fully retractable system or with steel mushroom cams. It also fits all Eurogroove systems, making it a very flexible option for many different systems and applications. Easi-Fit is a patented high security claw locking system that has been designed to provide first rate security and unbeatable value for money is Secured by Design approved. PAS 24 capable, it features an unhanded die-cast gearbox and bi-directional die- cast claws to provide guaranteed security. NO MORE WAITING ON THE DOORSTEP » » VBH (GB), PART OF Europe’s largest hardware distributor, has added the new Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock to its range of innovative hardware. With Yale’s prominent TV advertising campaign across ITV, Sky and Channel 4, the Smart Lock opens up new selling opportunities for fabricators and installers, and locksmiths for retrofit installations. Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock is a keyless product, operated via a key card, key tag, phone tag or a secure ‘homeowners can upgrade their lock easily and with no fiddly wiring smartphone app, ‘Bluetooth Twist & Go’. Homeowners can monitor who is entering and leaving the home, from wherever they are. The app also has the functionality to send temporary access ‘mobile keys’ to anyone with a smartphone – so no more children waiting on the doorstep when they have mislaid their key! The mobile key can be programmed to give access from a few hours to a number of weeks. The app also allows you to revoke access at any time, so the homeowner is in total control at all times. Dan Powell, Maintenance & Locksmiths Product Manager at VBH says: “With the new Yale Conexis L1 homeowners can upgrade their lock easily and with no fiddly wiring.” Fast to fit window lock » » SECURITY SPECIAL TX[H\[[YB[X[ۈو\YH[][\\Hܝ[˂ܛX[Hۛۈ\X[HYKHY][Y[[œ\[Hٙ\HY\[\و[[X\]B܈XX]ܜ[[\[ۜ[Y\[ZK[[YY\YH[]™\]X]\\H[›\]Z\\\]H\^ܙ][YHHۙ\]\HقH[[ݙ\HYY[B\HY\\[H[]B[\\Yۛ]H˂H\YH\]Z\\™]\^[[[[\B[\[[ٙ\™ܙX]\[Y[Y[܈Y][ۘ[X\]H\]ۛX[ۙB[[وHY\ ]X\]H]]ܙY۝ \YH\XYHH[[Z[][B[\YH[Y\H[œ\XH\XHوH[\ ][KB[܈ X[˂H[]YHZY[\Y[YX[X[H\Y0S N0PTHHHR B][ L ]ۜوܘK[Y][ۋ]\Y[\Y܂ܜ[ۈ\\[H܈  \˜[^YY X\˂\YۙY ][Y[X[YX\Y[HRX[H\YH\[Y[[\[[H\Y™\^YY]\X\]B[\ ˞X[Y˘˝Z