Clearview National January 2018 - Issue 194 - Page 54

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS Stylish versatility NEW METALLIC COMPOSITE FOILS » » 3D LAMINATES HAVE just launched a range of non- grained, metallic foiled finishes for their long lasting CoolSkin® door skins for composite and panelled doors, that will help fuel further design inspiration for the sector in 2018 and beyond. These new foiled finishes have been developed in conjunction with Hornschuch, harnessing their impressive Cool Colors foil technology, which has proven to offer outstanding weathering properties in both hot and cold climates. First to be launched is Alux DB 703 which resembles a slate grey base colour, yet benefitting from flecks of metallic ink in this flat application development. Within the range that has been inspired by aluminium in architecture, are also several other flecked foils and those with a brushed aluminium appearance, in various shades of grey and blue. Fundamentally important is the fact that 3D Laminates will also be able to supply a roll of matching foil for door profiles, that can easily be processed by the leading foiling companies that service the industry, or through existing stocks from the systems houses that support the UK market. The Swi \\[Y[[›ٙ\]Z[\[X[H]\[K]\HY[X\Y\]XوBY][ۘ[ N] X[\H[] \‘\[[[\8&\X\][X[Y\[] ]\۸&]ۛH\[Y\][Y]H]\Z[Y\]X˂08'SU[\]Y[\X]KH\\[Y[[\H\Yۂ]\H\و[YK܈]X\ۋ]8&\\\]YH[H۝[\ܘ\H[\YH\]\H\]YH][˸'Bˌ [[Z[]\˘B\\[^\H\\[Y[[ٙ\š[\\]H\][]KڙX[۝[\ܘ\H][[Y]B][\KX[[\[HڙXš[\]YH][ۜ[Y]BX]\\X\H[Y[^[˜\ˈ[\]\H[\\YHڙX[[Y]BH]X[]H[][[ۈ]Z[وH\[˂H[[ۈ\]ܛBYX[[[\[\HXY™H\\[\[XB [ ̛[H^[܂ܙX]\^X[]KH[\\[ۜ\[B[Y\[Y[\[Y][ۘ[Y\[ܘZ[YX\[\X[\[ۋB[Y\˂˜\[˘˝Z’SPSӕQTSHшTUHԔ°0ђSH TPSB][Y۝Y\H][Hو\]B܈X]\˂X[YX\Y[HR۝Y\ܜš]HHY[X\ܙH[\H]Z[XB[ [ [ۜˈ\H\BYH[\ΈY][ۘ[ ۝[\ܘ\BM0S N0PTHHHR B[YK[X]\[HX]]Y[[[\]YH\[\XܘZ[[\]\X]\[X\[]\H[ܙHX[\X™YX \H\HYH[Hو^[›[ۜݙ\[Xܘ]]KZ[[؜\H\Yۜ[H\[HX[ۂو L[\\[ۜ[Y\œ\ۘ[\HZ\XK۝Y\ܜ\H]Z[XH[XY܂K\\Y[ۜٚ[H &\\Y\˜[HH\[ۈ܈Z\\[\˂^H\HZ]XH܈[\܈]\ܜ^x&\HZ]XH܈Y\X]Z[ [Y\X[[Y\\Y[ڙX˂۝Y\ܜ\Hܘ][X\[ۂ\\[ SXHZ[[Z\\H[[[و\X]Xܜ[ۈ[ܙ\YXHH\XH[\\]\BXX][ۈY]H^K[Y][ۂZ\^[[X]\X[]HBX[\H[YH\XH]Y[\X\ܛX[H][\[^[Y\ق[\\]\K˙\[˝Z