Clearview National January 2018 - Issue 194 - Page 4

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS FROMTHEEDITOR Welcome to my first edition of Clearview as editor. Happy New Year and I hope you had a great and restful Christmas. Now we’re right back to it and there’s an awful lot coming up in 2018 – not just here in the UK, but internationally too. » » MANY OF US IN THE CONSTRUCTION and home improvement industries actually felt that things went reasonably well in 2017. Especially when set against a back-drop of Brexit, fluctuating interest rates and the housebuilding crisis. Companies in the right niches grew, and there was plenty of investment in premises, machinery and all kinds of technology. An example is on page 42 where DoorCo MD Dan Sullivan talks about the investment he’s made in his production line. Despite consolidation and numerous acquisitions in our sector, demand still looks strong in the new year for higher end products. The latest Palmer Report predicts aluminium growth of 20% by 2021 and in our annual predictions section (page 24), we hear that many companies are launching exciting new products this year and even expanding. Note AluK for example, which is opening a new paint facility at its Chepstow HQ, and Brisant Secure, which says demand for premium security products is growing fast. There were also positive moves in the last budget that will help construction, such as eliminating stamp duty for first time buyers and an increased housebuilding budget. But there is a note of caution. As Clearview went to press, the notoriously gloomy International Monetary Fund (IMF) had just downgraded expectations for UK GDP growth this year, saying that Brexit remained a ‘key uncertainty ( f"FRV6גFRb6FVBF7FW&ƖrFWfVFfFBvW"67VW"7VFrW"GW7G'2fVBf"&W6ƖV6RBfFF7GW'gv&BBFW&Rvv2&R6W0v&W7B'&ƖFǒFFBvR&RfW'vBBFPWG2B&G2bW"'W6W72( 26'Brw&V@&GV7G2( 2'WBvRW7B6f7W2FW"'G2bW GW7G'FRWrV"6VFr7W7FW"6W'f6R@&WWFFgFW"R6RFR&W7B&GV7BFRv&@'WBvBFW2FBGFW"bN( 2fGFVB'6v&7FW#VVVFF B +# +4T%dRrR2ФEU5E%5Tԕ@T4T@Wr6fW&V6Rf"FRv72@vrGW7G'2&VV6f&VB+ +DREU5E%( 2D'W6W72VFW'2F&V7F'2@6V"vVVBv6fW&vPV"&&֖vf" GW7G'6fW&V6RBFV&FPFR#vr7V֗B0vW&gVf'Vf"f'&6F'27FW'2v726W2F7G&'WF'2BFW&7WƖW'0F6RFvWFW"BF67W72WGW7G'77VW2BG&VG2ƖRWbWW'G2vFV&FRFR( WrG66^( 0'GVFW2BF&VG2VW&vP7&72FRGW7G'g&FP7Bb'&WBBFRW6p7&62FRFW7B&WFrG&VG2WrFWfVVG2&GV7G0BFW&2BF7'WFfPFV6vW2FR7V֗B&֗6W2FF6R7W'&VB77VW2VB6VFrf&R&VwVF2@6fWGƖ6F2bVV@B6VbVVB'VƖw2f 6W7VRBfGFW'2BWpVv6F7V62tE"F6RGFVFrvF66fW rFRGW7G'2Wffpfvr7G&rbW&vW'0B7V6F2BvWBFP6FRG&6v6RbFPW7F&Ɨ6VB( &rW'>( FPGW7G'6VBF6V"FPV'2VBFRvr7V֗B26VB&r6fW&V6PfvVB''VffWBV6@WGv&rvFGW7G'VFW'2B2W7BGFVBWfVBf 6V"VR7&726V7F'2`FRGW7G'FW7F2G&FR6W&6Wr'VBB66W6rFR7V֗B2&v6V@'6vBFFBW'W&WFrB7VW'2v6Pg&7V7G2bFRGW7G'FR7V֗BvFR6R@7B2FVB6fW&V6P6VG&R6ƖVR֖WFW2g&ЧFRC"F'vg&ЧF2GVW6F#&B#wwrvw7V֗B6V