Clearview National January 2018 - Issue 194 - Page 39

Hi-Spec Architectural Systems Lift & Slide Doors are making big dents into the Bifold Door Market Let the sunshine! Light-flooded rooms and beautiful views of nature. It has been designed especially as a door for patios, balconies an gardens and can be opened and closed without a great deal of effort WE MANUFACTURE Contact us for a quotation T: 0121 630 2702 F: 0121 630 2703 E: It doesn't get any better: the 85mm AluPlast lift-and-slide door manufactured by HiSpec Architectural, impresses with its high energy efficiency and user-friendliness: even at its maximum size of 6.50m x 2.80m. The door can be opened and closed without effort and ensures a smooth and barrier free transition to the outside. It has been tested under extreme co FF3vWFW"B0G&fr&7F&2"FW"WG&VRvVFW"6FF3W"ƖgBB6ƖFRF"VW2WfW'FrWB&60Fv@PFVƗfW'V6f"f&FrF&V6RF7G&'WF 6֖&DvFtDF'26V&V֗VХ76fRW6PcRp7FF&Bf&P&V6SbVvFR"v"W0D( BtUBTeB$T@7FF&@Td5EU$T@DRT22RR