Clearview National January 2018 - Issue 194 - Page 31

UKPAVILION HARDWARE BEST SELLERS HEAD FOR NUREMBERG » » WINDOW WARE WILL BE BRINGING over 30 years of experience, specialist knowledge and first-class service to Fensterbau as one of the UK’s foremost hardware distributors. Whilst the team cannot bring all 6,500 unique products to Nuremberg, it will be showcasing some of its best-selling products from the industry’s biggest names including Yale, Trojan and Maco. “We’re very much looking forward to exhibiting at Fensterbau, showcasing to businesses across the industry the competitive advantage Window Ware can deliver through an optimised supply chain,” explains Samantha Nuckey, Managing Director of Window Ware. “We work in close partnership with a wide range of businesses as an extension of their operation, ensuring they always have the supplies they need to meet their targets and keep the business moving. “With a vast inventory worth over £2.5 million, next day delivery on 97% of our stock and a deep-rooted commitment to always delivering on time and in full, we can ensure the seamless supply needed to effectively run a business. We have long-standing relationships with the best-known and most-trusted brands, covering everything from window and door hardware, to factory tools and consumables, creating an incredibly valuable proposition for fabrication businesses.” Fensterbau first for sash window specialists » » WORLD-LEADING SASH window specialis G2&6WfWrv&R'&VrWrw&VBFW"F0V"vFFV'WBV&6R@fV7FW&&RFRf'GזV"Bf&0W7F&Ɨ6VBG6Vb2RbTv~( 27B&W7V7FVB'&G2BN( 2f'7Bf6BFvW&琧v6VRB6v66RFR6'B`6&&ǒWFVF2&GV7G0FBFRG2RF26FR`FR6V&6WfW~( 27V6f6FЦg&VFǒ6&6&6Rv&RF72vFR66W'fFЧ6V6FfRW&FvR&6RvWfW"FR7F"bFR6r2ƖVǒF&RFRf&( 2v&BvpVFFR&6Rf'7BG&GV6VB#2G26ƖF&W"ƖR&fW2VWFr&BW&BfVGW&W027FvǒFWFVB2gVV66G2'VF&VvЧ66&2BG&FF66gW&GW&RVFFVǒ&VBFPVFFR&6RWB27V6FRV'266RFR&GV7B0&VVWw&FVBgW'FW"( 2BpfVGW&W23VVWFr&FP6ƖW7BFR&WB6W2F&V7F"&6&@'W'&V26VG3( TVf7GW&r'W6W76W2r6VPWW&R2&&VB2'GVG'WBvR'&WBvVFV'FVFǒ'&r6VvW2vP7F6VRFR6FVB2&vVǐVFVBBFVFǒfW'V7&FfR&WBf"F7F7FfVǐ'&F6vVBv72Bvp&GV7G2( Чwwr&6WfWr6VTfƖआDD3P2R%bRrR2 +# +3