Clearview National January 2018 - Issue 194 - Page 24

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS ANNUALPREDICTIONS INTEREST FROM HOUSING ASSOCIATIONS » » “2017 WAS A SIGNIFICANT YEAR FOR SmartSecure, our electronic locking and access control brand. At the forefront of Smart Tech, the brand will continue to differentiate our hardware supply service enabling us to offer all important high-end technology as part of tailored solutions. We are set to continue to expand SmartSecure’s sales base with continued contract wins. Early interest that has converted to sales has come from across the fabrication market and Housing Associations, who recognise benefits across different access control applications and simplicity of configuration for ease of integration. ‘we will continue to do what we do best’ And, from our range of over 7,000 products, we will continue to cater for all hardware requirements, including the growing added-value market e.g. aluminium. As we face the implications of post Brexit trading, we are working hard to minimise impact on our customers and will continue to do what we do best, namely service, delivery, partnerships and accessible technical support.” Record year with second to none service » » “AT PREMIER ROOF Systems in 2017 we smashed all our targets continuously and we are forecast to continue in 2018. “We offer design, manufacture and delivery services for conservatory roofs, roof lanterns, roof windows, windows and doors to both trade and domestic customers. Our high reputation locally as well as the new great demand from other areas for all our products has been the main factor of our success this year. We pride ourselves on our excellent product quality and customer service which have increased our sales, plus excellent customer feedback. “Although Premier Roof Systems are known for their solid conservatory roofs, Guardian warm roofs, we have created a great demand for roof lanterns all over the UK, especially the aluminium systems. “The directors Jamie Blackwood and Chris Mullen have between them an enormous amount of knowledge in the fenestration industry and each day they share that knowledge with many of the trade customers as well as domestic. This service is much appreciated, and it does certainly grow that confidence within the customers hence the record-breaking performance month after month. “The company has been able to recruit new staff both in the office and factory and there are plans for us to take on even more in the new year to tackle this ever- increasing demand. “Here at Premier Roof Mѕ)ݔٔ́Ѽչɕ)ɔɽՍ́ѡ)啅ȁݔɔ፥ѕѼ)ɽѥɅ܁ɽа)ݡ͔eЁɕٕ)ЁЄ+q]݅ЁѼѥՔѼɕ)ȁɽ́ѡU,)ɕЁ͕٥ͼѡЁٕ役)ݥɕȁѡȁɥ)ݥѠ́ɽхЁѼ͠])ݥѥՔѼȁɕЁՅ)ɽՍ́ݥѠ͕Ѽ)ѽȁ͕٥ȁٕ役t(Ѓ )8 0IY$\U, <4)I=]%959)=HAI5%U4M UI%Qd+ 9% ,UQQ=8 !%)ᕍѥٔȁ ɥͅ)Mɔ̀ͅ܁́) ɥͅӊéЁиq=ȁ͡)UѥɽՍЁѥՕ́Ѽ)ɽ܁ɭЁ͡ɔ́ݔɸ)ɔɔ兰ѽ̸)%Ё́ɕմ͕ɥ)ݡ͕́ɔ̰)́Ѽɽݥյȁ)ȁȁхȁɥѽ)ѽ́ɥUѥ)хɐ+q%՝аݔչ)܁͕ɥ䁡11)ݡ́ɔѡɽ٥)͕ѕɵ͕́ɥ(ɹ̀Ȩ-ѕɬ)Յ䀡ѥəЁѕȁɱ(а́)ɽͥѕѥ]eٔ)ѡ啅ȁɕݥ)ݼ Սѥ5ɭѥ)݅ɑ́)!ɑ݅ɔ )ѡ9ѥɅѥ)݅ɑ̸+q=ȁՍ́́ѥ)ѡȁɕմ)͕ɥѡЁ́ɽݥЃL)Ё݅䁅ѥ)ͽM'eЀ)ݥЁ́եљհ)́ȁѥՕٕѵЁ)ɽՍЁٕЁݥ͕)ͽ፥ѥѥ́Ѽ)Ʌt)YͥЁܹɥͅе͕ɔ$)ȁɔɵѥ