Clearview National January 2018 - Issue 194 - Page 21

SEVENTHINGS... 5. GETTING DOWN WITH THE KIDS ‘Skills gap’ is a phase which has been bouncing around the industry for many years, and as each year goes by the gap widens. Inside The Box Marketing will be instrumental in launching a new industry campaign in 2018 alongside GQA Qualifications to encourage youngsters, school-leavers and those wanting to make a career change in their lives to make Fenestration their career of choice. ‘Building Our Skills in Fenestration’ will take the form of a prospectus for the Fenestration Industry, and will draw the attention of youngsters to the great careers they could gain by joining it. Marketing material from 50 companies will play a part in creating the giant industry prospectus, profiling it to schools, teachers, parents and their children, offering a non-biased look at the advantages of choosing a career in Fenestration. Individual companies trying to attract youngsters into their organisations will also be able to use the prospectus and carry the campaign badge on their marketing collateral. Employers can join the campaign at no cost, or can choose to sponsor a category in the ‘New Entrants’ Awards, a programme which will help recognise year-on-year those who successfully build a future in the glass and glazing industry. 6. UP, UP AND BLOG AWAY Inside The Box Marketing is a passionate believer there are lessons to be learnt from every industry and in all areas of society. Taking heed of this, is something the Fenestration industry should adopt to avoid the pitfalls of other industries. Every month, Inside the Box Marketing publishes a different blog on what is happening in industry, and society in general. Blogs have included the dilemma in which the airline industry finds itself, in terms of its overall structure and pricing, and questions what might happen in our industry if companies continue to undervalue and undersell their products in the same way. Other blogs have looked at the importance of brand and outlined some of the potential dangers for businesses who do not do what they say they are going to do, or don’t deliver what the customer expects based on their promotional campaigns. Whilst there is a serious message, the blogs are also about trying to take a light-hearted view of things wherever possible. They can be found on the company’s website. 7. IF THERE WERE NO BEES, THERE WOULD BE NO FOOD A single bee has been the symbol of Manchester since the days of the Industrial Revolution, and Chris and his wife Vivien were amongst the first to join a campaign launched by the Co-operative Group based in the city to raise awareness of the plight of bees i n the modern world in 2015. The Co-op was the first to recognise the danger that changes to farming, the use of pesticides and especially the proliferation of telephone masts as doing to the bee population. What people didn’t initially realise, is that bees are responsible for pollinating 80% of the foodstuffs we grow and eat each day, and their rapid and still not reversing decline is having a major impact on the production of crops not only here in the UK, but in many of the countries from where we import our foodstuffs. As a part of its activities to raise awareness of the issue, Inside The Box Marketing works with the Local Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Manchester, schools, and key gardening organisations such as the Royal Horticultural Society to promote the importance of growing plants to support the bee population, and this has also resulted in them marketing a GIANT black and yellow raised planter to encourage children to grow supporting plants. C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » J A N 2018 » 21